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Commitment to Quality

CLOVR sources the most quality cannabis and ingredients to go into its products, free of pesticides and harmful cutting agents.

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Become a medical marijuana patient

Becoming a medical marijuana patient in Missouri can be confusing depending on where you look for help. Hopefully, we can make this process easier to understand and accomplish. 


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l.e.d. lights and marijuana plants

Tech in the Marijuana Industry


March 1, 2024

The current business landscape is witnessing a paradigm shift, particularly in the cannabis sector and our new “fr-enemy” artificial intelligence, which is seeing unprecedented success and gaining broader legal and societal acceptance. Despite these positive …

marijuana joint and leaf

Marijuana Lingo


February 20, 2024

marijuana buds and valentines hearts

Marijuana, Sex and Valentine’s Day


February 8, 2024

OK you know marijuana has made it mainstream when Forbes is writing about it! According to Forbes, for Valentine’s Day this year a majority of Americans plan to give or use marijuana. Wow, even for …

cbd and marijuana buds

CBD and THC: Unpacking the Cannabinoids


January 16, 2024

Both CBD and THC, short for cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol, are naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. While often lumped together, these phytochemical’s diverge significantly in their medical properties and mechanisms of action. The …

marijuana joint and snacks

Marijuana for Appetite Stimulation


December 11, 2023

intro Who needs appetite stimulation Appetite stimulation vs. the munchies Strains for appretite stimulation (without overeating) As always, lean your budtender

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