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CannabizTeam: Happy 420: 18 Best Cannabis Products to Celebrate the Holiday

By Bethanie White

April 5, 2023

Despite no federal legalization of cannabis yet, the industry and community have progressed in many aspects. The essential cannabis industry is expanding, as dispensaries continue to be planted and grown. Currently, there are over 420,000 ...

drag queens on the red carpet

Riverfront Times: Awesomely Fierce Drag Queens Who Smoke Weed

By MK Thomson

November 28, 2023

In the fierce and fashionable world of drag queens, where self-expression knows no bounds, a growing number of performers are embracing cannabis as a companion in their creative journey. Beyond the glitz and glamour of ...

women smoking joints

Marijuana Smoking Etiquette

By MK Thomson

November 27, 2023

As the legalization of cannabis spreads, so does the need for a shared understanding of proper behavior when partaking in this communal experience. From the art of passing the joint gracefully to respecting personal boundaries, ...

red santa stocking filled with marijuana bud

Marijuana and the Holidays

By MK Thomson

November 6, 2023

Intro Holiday Shopping Holiday Shopping Marijuana and the holidays Our seasonal marijuana products

hamburger marijuana joint and french fries

Marijuana Strains for Appetite Control

By MK Thomson

November 1, 2023

Marijuana has long been associated with a delectable phenomenon – the munchies. We’ve all seen hilarious scenes in movies, TV shows and pop culture in general, of MJ users raiding the kitchen, but many of ...

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