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What We’re About


At CLOVR, we are dedicated to changing public opinion on cannabis by normalizing the plant in the eyes of the mainstream.

clovr team members enjoying marijuana chocolate edibles

Cannabis should be accessible to everyone. With a history fettered by prohibition, cannabis has long been misunderstood as both a medicine and a source of enjoyment.

CLOVR understands that a successful cannabis business is built on a dedication to good service, a quality product offering, and a dynamic vision of the future. Therefore, we are building our Kansas City operation with unwavering attention to detail. Looking forward, we will share this model with the rest of the nation as an industry-leading cannabis brand.

Education Focused

Teaching the community about the benefits of cannabis is the only way to make it accessible to those in need. CLOVR also feels it is particularly important to provide a safe alternative to opioids for those struggling with chronic pain. Similarly, cannabis can provide much-needed relief – both physical and financial – for those sick people inundated with medical bills.

The CLOVR Crew

Above all, CLOVR is a family. Our team is comprised of cannabis experts who will share our knowledge with the community – in Kansas City and beyond. Looking forward, CLOVR’s goal as a business is to establish itself as a trusted brand that is accessible to all walks of life. This progression will be accomplished through a dedication to quality, reliability, and consumer education.

social initiatives
Veterans Community Project logo

Veterans Community Project

Veterans Community Project is dedicated to supporting every person who served our country. They are determined to make a difference in the lives of homeless Veterans, a task accomplished by the community for the community.

Bra Couture KC

 Bra Couture® KC launched fourteen years ago in partnership with The University of Kansas Cancer Center to support uninsured/underinsured cancer patients. Our beneficiary of the seasonal Bonbons for Boobies fundraiser, Bra Couture KC provides care for both men and women and those patients challenged with any kind of cancer.

Company Culture

CLOVR will provide a safe and dependable cannabis dispensary environment for consumers in the Midwest. To this end, we are working tirelessly against cannabis’s negative stigma by employing a well-educated staff and offering top-of-the-line products. With this approach, consumers can reliably purchase products with an understanding of accurate dosing and effects.

bethanie white and tara holm at a golf tournament

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what we are up to
clovr team members wearing kansas city chiefs shirts

Team Events and Appreciation

CLOVR believes in playing as hard as we work. On a monthly basis and on holidays we celebrate our team with lunches, activities, giveaways, and outings. That doesn’t express our gratitude enough, but its a start.

clovr employees at a team outing

halloween pumpkin

halloween pumpkin

clovr employees celebrating halloween

clovr employees at a haunted house on halloween

Halloween Haunt, Pumpkins, and Chilli.

We love Halloween almost as much as we love 420 and 710. The team took to Worlds of Fun for dinner and an spooky outing. Back in the office, each department showed their skills im pumpkin carving and a chilli cook-off. The pre-roll team swept the competition with the win in each category.

clovr t shirts

clovr t shirts

clovr employees selects t shirts

clovr employee selects a t shirt

clovr employees taking a pizza break

420 Bunny Swag Giveaways

Some people celebrate the Easter Bunny in April. We have a 420 Bunny who gives away 420 swag during our favorite month in cannabis.

clovr employees outside

clovr employees volunteering

clovr employees outside

several pre rolled joints

clovr employees taking a break

clovr employees volunteering

Arts & Crafts

The CLOVR team’s talents don’t end at making edibles and pre-rolls. The team showed its creative talents while making tiedye shirts and rolling trays.

what makes us who we are
clovr workers prepare marijuana edibles

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