Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

We do not. And cannabis companies in Missouri cannot ship across state lines. However, some dispensaries have delivery options. Check your local dispensaries for that option.

 You can find our products using the map, here. Or if there is a specific item you’d like, please visit our Weedmaps page.

The dosing will differ by person and consumption method. We suggest starting low, with 2.5-5 mg, and then going slow. Certain edibles may take up to two hours to take effect. 

Some of our products do contain CBD. We suggest viewing our product pages or looking at the label on the item to see which cannabinoids and terpenes are present.

We do. In addition to our house brand, CLOVR, we are the license partners for multi-state operators such as Wana, Keef, Robhots, and Mountain High Suckers. We also produce our sister brand, Funny Bone.