STL Ambush + CLOVR


CLOVR is a proud partner of the St. Louis Ambush.
We believe cannabis aids in the recovery and relief for everyone – especially our elite athletes.


CLOVR proudly aligns itself with Ambush for a multitude of reasons. We both share a commitment to fostering community and wellness. Just as CLOVR strives to provide high-quality cannabis products that enhance well-being, Ambush promotes physical fitness and camaraderie through sport. Additionally, partnering with Ambush allows CLOVR to connect with a diverse audience of sports enthusiasts, furthering its mission of accessibility and inclusivity. By supporting the team, CLOVR demonstrates its dedication to local initiatives and reinforces its role as a trusted member of the community. Together, CLOVR and the indoor soccer team form a winning combination, uniting passion for health, recreation, and community engagement.

Come visit our CLOVR Team for education, uninfused samples, and fun on the concourse of specific games.

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