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CLOVR is your one-stop shop for marijuana concentrates, extracts, pre-rolls, and infused products. In addition to CLOVR products, we exclusively offer infused products from Wana, Keef, Robhots, and Funny Bone throughout Missouri. 

Offering these products under one roof offers you the convenience of one contact, one delivery, one purchase order, and more time running your business. 

Not just a partner but an extension of your sales force.

At CLOVR, we don’t just sell you products and call again next week. We are part of your team and salesforce. In addition to providing quality, consistent, and effective cannabis products we help with the following:

We will educate your customers on-site about each CLOVR brand in additiona to swag giveaways, and promotions.

How can your team sell something they know nothing about?We provide samples of all of our products for your team to try to be able to speak to flavor, aroma, consistency and effects. Uninfused samples of most of our products are also provided for your customers to test edibles which, we know, will only entice them to want more, but we are bias.

When you look good, we look good. We provide clean and updated merchandising and POP displays to complete the retail experience for your customers.

An educated budtender is the best budtender. CLOVR provides products that are sought after by customers for a desired effect or experience. We create products with different ratios, cannabinoids and THC levels to better reach that preference. Not only do we offer in-person training, but we offer multiple educational platforms to learn about each brand and product so your customers can count on getting exactly what they were shopping for.

In-store educational materials include posters, table tents, and flyers. Let us do your marketing. Save time on creating graphics and informational flyers, we have them available for you. We make it as easy as ordering flyers and table tents with your order right on LeafLink to downloading digital displays and social media creative. Don’t see what you’re looking for or want these items co-branded? Just let us know, we are happy to create any custom material you need.

Every order more than a certain amount receives free deliveries. If you need it sooner than your regular order we can certainly help with that, too.


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