Press Release: CLOVR Gives Back to Breast Cancer Patients This October

By Bethanie White

September 21 2023

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(Kansas City, MO) September 20, 2023: CLOVR has unveiled a new chocolatey treat for a limited time featuring caramel, chocolate, and THC, these infused bonbons are sure to make your taste buds sing. A portion of the proceeds goes to breast cancer patients in the Kansas City area.

Bonbons for Boobies is the focus for CLOVR this October. The bonbons will have a silky pink raspberry caramel inside as a nod to the Breast Cancer Awareness pink ribbon. The caramel will be enrobed in a velvety white chocolate shell, also painted pink, and infused with 10mg of THC.  In collaboration with Christopher Elbow, these infused bonbons were designed with breast cancer patients at the heart of it all.

CLOVR has partnered with Bra Couture Kansas City (BCKC) to support their efforts of Bonbons for the Boobies. BCKC is the only non-profit in Kansas City that has built two cancer service centers physically located within area hospitals, supporting a total of 6 cancer service centers. These centers serve both men and women uninsured/underinsured cancer patients with over 17,000 cancer patients served and 6,800 mammograms provided in 12 years. “Bra Couture KC has raised over $4M to build/fund cancer centers in KC hospitals to ensure those without insurance have critical care items to survive their cancer; serving both men and women, with an emphasis on breast cancer, every donor dollar raised is critical to the health of the underserved communities in the greater Kansas City area,” says Sharon Payne, Founder and Executive Director of Bra Couture.

A portion of the proceeds will go to BCKC and support breast cancer research, mammograms, and care for each 6-pack of the Bonbons for Boobies purchased.  “We’re very excited to be partnering with Bra Couture Kansas City and helping in any way we can to bring care to breast cancer patients. BCKC has done amazing work in the last 12 years for the KC community and together, we hope to make a significant impact and ensure that no one faces this journey alone. With every step, we’re taking strides towards a healthier, brighter future for all.” Said Josh Mitchem, CEO of CLOVR.

Bonbons for Boobies will be celebrated at CLOVR for the whole month of October with the infused bonbons available for a limited time. You can find these bonbons at your favorite dispensary.

About CLOVR:

CLOVR is a pioneering cannabis company dedicated to providing high-quality, responsibly sourced cannabis products to consumers. With a focus on education and innovation, CLOVR aims to redefine the perception of cannabis in modern society.