marijuana buds and valentines hearts

Marijuana, Sex and Valentine's Day

By MK Thomson

February 8 2024

OK you know marijuana has made it mainstream when Forbes is writing about it! According to Forbes, for Valentine’s Day this year a majority of Americans plan to give or use marijuana. Wow, even for use that’s a lot! But it’s really not surprising since marijuana is taking the country by storm. Instead of giving flowers, a lot of folks are apparently planning to give “flower” (da-bum-ching!). Yeah, we’ve been sitting on that one for a while!

bouquet of marijuana buds and leaves

Survey says …

Valentine’s Day is taking a new twist. According to a survey conducted by Wired Research for multi-state cannabis business, a majority of American adults, 21 and older, are choosing to exchange cannabis gifts rather than traditional roses or chocolates. Surprisingly, parents are more inclined to incorporate cannabis into their Valentine’s plans compared to those without kids. The study highlights shifting attitudes toward cannabis in the US, with 19 million adults choosing cannabis over champagne (isn’t really that surprising: weed is better for celebrating than booze and it’s cheaper than champagne!). Gen Z, Millennials and guys are more likely to include cannabis in their Valentine’s Day celebrations.

And even sex therapists suggest that parents, struggling to balance parenting and relationships, find cannabis a helpful tool in prioritizing intimacy on Valentine’s Day. And speaking of sex … what does marijuana do for sex? Does it enhance it or hinder it? Are there specific strains that are better for controlling or increasing libido? Let’s take a look into the sexier side of MJ!

Marijuana and sex: Ladies, first

For the lady stoners, a wealth of anecdotal evidence suggests that incorporating cannabis into intimate moments can heighten pleasure. In states where cannabis is legal, marketers have seized on this notion, promoting THC-infused lubricants for enhanced arousal and mind-blowing orgasms. While researchers work to figure out the exact connection between cannabis and sex, recent results from a research study with 452 women showed that more frequent cannabis use corresponds with increased arousal, stronger orgasms, and higher overall sexual satisfaction. Talk about “for her pleasure”!

A study, published in Sexual Medicine, further studied a dose-response relationship, suggesting that as cannabis use increases, the odds of reporting female sexual dysfunction decline by 21%. The study, unique in using a validated questionnaire, underscores the tangible link between cannabis use frequency and improved sexual function, prompting further resaerch into other potential wellness uses.

So ladies, in a nutshell: smoke weed, have better sex!

marijuana buds and valentines hearts

Marijuana, sex and men

Cannabis, while generally accepted for enhancing the sex for women, paradoxically reveals varied impacts on sexual experience for the guys. A study conducted by The Journal of Sexual Medicine questioned several hundred men who regularly smoke weed, showing that over 52% of them routinely incorporate cannabis into sexy time to enhance the experience. Surprisingly, 38.7% reported better sex, 16.0% noted mixed improvements, and 4.7% reported worsened experiences. A majority of the guys reported increased desire and a whopping 73.8% of them experienced even higher satisfaction. More than 65% of them reported improved relaxation (which can help with those ‘hard-to-get-it-up’ moments …).

man with eretile dysfunction

All-in-all the guys reported marijuana helping with most aspects of sex, however some did say it was a little more difficult to reach an orgasm, which could be from marijuana making us a little more aware and slightly more paranoid. If a guy’s a little nervous about sex to begin with, marijuana might push those nerves just a little bit more! Though some studies are showing that for chronic sexual dysfunction, cannabis use seems to be more effective than prescription medication. All studies note that the nuances of the individual person, their usage, their attitudes towards sex in general and the unique physiology all play a role in how it affects performance between the sheets.

So men, the take-away? Try out different strains and different intake methods at varying amounts to see what works best for you. No study is going to give you the silver bullet answer for what is best – only you and your partner are going to know that for sure.

Best strains for different situations

A well-known weed website said it perfectly: weed is pansexual. It loves everyone and is for everyone. Then within that wide umbrella, there are certain strains that are known for better situations or scenarios. Here’s a quick list to help get the weed lovers out there to have a fabulous Valentine’s Day with their special someone.

Strains for boosting your libido

Strains with high levels of limonene terpenes have been known to raise a person’s sex drive. Therefore Lemon Haze, Lemon Skunk, and Super Lemon OG are obvious choices, but some also recommend Wedding Cake and Do-Si-Do strains. Then there’s Grand Master Sex, which is kind of self-explanatory.

couple kissing with marijuana smoke

Strains for anxiety and nerves

Let’s face it – sometimes these intimate moments can be a little nerve-wracking, especially if you have a new “someone special” in your life around Heart Day. For nerves check out indica dominant strains to help calm you down. Strains like Bubba Kush, Skywalker OG Kush or Kosher Kush are good strains to look into.

Strains for energy

For those who are ready to have some sexy time all night long, then look into Super Silver Haze, Super Lemon Haze, Animal Cookies and Mr. Nice (a newer strain that is quickly becoming all the buzz). In short: high sativa strains are good and most of the “Haze” strain. Also consider edibles for all-nighters, taking small doses a few times over 30 minutes or so to keep you at a nice level of energy throughout the evening.

Strains to heighten sensitivity and touch

Everyone is unique, especially when it comes to heightened sensitivity and touch, but a balanced indica/sativa strain with a more even THC/CBD ratio seems to be a popular choice of most weed users. Check out strains like Bubblegum Kush, Sour Diesel and Jellybean for those wanting a little more sensuality and cuddling on Valentine’s – or any – day.

CLOVR’s got ya covered

The world of cannabis strains presents a diverse array of possibilities for enhancing tactile experiences and sensual pleasure. At CLOVR we know how special this day is and, along with Christpher Elbow chocolatier, we’ve created a very special Valentine: the Strawberry Caramel Bon Bons. These sweet treats will add that special something to the day of love – and everyday. These are perfect for after a nice meal or for sexy bed time and pillow talk. They are bite sized so you can and your sweetheart can feed each other these yummy treats.

clovr cannabis christopher elbow chocolate and strawberry marijuana infused bon bons

So no matter what you are looking for – more sensitivity, more stamina, less nerves or just a fun time with your partner – cannabis can help you enjoy Valentine’s Day even more. Skip the booze this holiday and opt for vaping, drinking some Keef cannabis-infused drinkables or yummy edibles like our Strawberry Caramel bon bons. Sending everyone love and joy this holiday and always!