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With the changing cannabis climate through regulation and testing, there is always something new to learn. We hope to answer those questions here.


Questions about cannabis? We may have the answers. Find out here.

Commitment to Quality

CLOVR sources the most quality cannabis and ingredients to go into its products, free of pesticides and harmful cutting agents.

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Become a medical marijuana patient

Becoming a medical marijuana patient in Missouri can be confusing depending on where you look for help. Hopefully, we can make this process easier to understand and accomplish. 


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man with no motivation

Motivation and Marijuana


October 5, 2023

Back in my 20s whenever I would smoke weed I would get energized both in mind and in action. I could smoke and go to the gym, do yoga or go hiking on the beach …

marijuana leaf cup of tea

Sleep and Marijuana


September 29, 2023

Sleep is an essential bodily function. It allows us to rejuvenate our bodies, our internal organs, relax our muscles, reduce stress and simply feel better everyday. And it’s awesome! Nothing is better than curling up …

vaporizer and marijuana buds

Cleaning Your Vape


September 28, 2023

Vaporizing weed, hash, or concentrates with a vaporizer has many advantages over smoking a joint. However, it’s essential to ensure these devices continue to function properly, and that’s why you need to clean a vaporizer …

hand holding a clovr marijuana vape pen

An Introduction to Vaporizers


August 30, 2023

For those new to the marijuana scene or even seasoned enthusiasts living in the shadows, the term “vaping” might have piqued your curiosity. What’s the scoop? In essence, vaping involves vaporizing your weed instead of …

Consuming Marijuana Edibles


August 15, 2023

Intro What are eddies Different MJ edibles dosages How to start consuming MJ eddies FAQs about MJ eddies Can I overdose? What do I do if I take too much? Can I drive while taking …

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