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An Introduction to Vaporizers

By MK Thomson

August 30 2023


For those new to the marijuana scene or even seasoned enthusiasts, the term “vaping” might have piqued your curiosity. What’s the scoop? In essence, vaping involves vaporizers that vaporize your cannabis instead of combusting it via burning with a flame. By heating cannabis to the right temperature, active components like THC, CBD, and others are vaporized, not burned. This significantly reduces the harmful intake of smoke and carcinogens and offers a smoother, healthier vapor that’s much kinder to your lungs.

But how do you transform your cannabis—or cannabis oil—into vapor? Say hello to vaporizers. A quick online search will introduce you to a plethora of vaporizers, ranging from simple, compact models to elaborate and fancy-schmancy pricey ones. Feeling overwhelmed? Fear not. Navigating the vaporizer landscape boils down to a few categories, some sub-categories, and a handful of key features that will guide any newbie. Let’s break it all down below, and in future blog posts, we’ll help you master this fantastic way of enjoying marijuana.

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Keep in mind that most vaporizers claim they are also good for hash or concentrates. Though there may be attachments you can use, we don’t really recommend using concentrates with vaporizers. Once the concentrate is heated, it will become more pliable and can seep down into the vaporizer that you just spent a pretty penny on.

Two Main Types of Vaporizers

When it comes to vaporizers, there are essentially two main categories: desktop vaporizers and portable vaporizers.

Desktop vaporizers are units that perch on tables, desks, or flat surfaces and draw power from standard electrical outlets. You can customize the temperature to match your preferences. Within the realm of desktop vaporizers, two prominent sub-categories emerge hot box vapes and Volcano vaporizers.

Portable vaporizers function similarly to desktop versions, heating and vaporizing your cannabis, but they’re conveniently smaller, allowing you to carry them around with ease. These run on rechargeable batteries, providing portability. Most portable vaporizers enable temperature adjustments, though specifics vary. From small, budget-friendly disposable pens filled with marijuana oil to pricier, feature-rich devices that perfect your vaporizing experience, portable vaporizers offer a wide range of choices.

Desktop vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers are often larger and pricier compared to their portable counterparts. Volcano vaporizers can climb into the hundred-dollar range. This isn’t just about inflated prices; the advanced mechanisms within these higher-end models justify the cost.

Hot box vaporizers deliver vaporized cannabis via a rubber tube and glass mouthpiece known as a whip. However, these whips tend to get dirty quickly and can be costly to replace.

Volcano vaporizers, on the other hand, heat and vaporize cannabis, which is then collected in a large balloon that you inhale from. While the balloons aren’t too pricey, they’re sizable and can fill a room, limiting their usability to certain spaces.

Because desktop vapes rely on electrical outlets, you’re restricted to vaping in one spot. With the higher price point, think of vaporizers as an investment akin to premium kitchen appliances; desktop vapes generally offer years of service.

desktop volcano vaporizer

Portable vaporizers

Much like your phone, portable vaporizers powered by rechargeable batteries have a finite lifespan. With their high-temperature heating elements, these batteries typically last around 45 minutes of continuous vaping (temperature-dependent), necessitating frequent recharges.

Portable vaporizers often need to be heated at higher temperatures, though they generally don’t reach the same heat levels as desktop variants since they run off batteries.

Keeping the cannabis chamber clean can be a challenge. Manufacturers provide cleaning tools, but maintenance can still be a chore. My ceramic chamber became charred rapidly. While the impact on taste remains uncertain, a clean chamber ensures a better experience. The small size of the cannabis chamber means frequent refills. If you’re aiming for portability, you’ll also need another container for your ground-up marijuana.

Disposable Marijuana Oil Vape Pens

These pens arrive with pre-charged batteries and are pre-filled with specific cannabis oil, often activated by inhaling. Disposable pens are user-friendly, compact, and ultra-convenient—no cleaning or disassembling required.

CLOVR Cannabis has a wide array of disposable marijuana oil and live resin vape pens. Take a look at them here.

clovr live resin disposable vape pens

Rechargeable Marijuana Oil Vape Pens

Equipped with rechargeable batteries and removable cartridges for the user’s preferred cannabis oil, these pens offer more control and customization compared to disposables. However, they demand a bit more maintenance.

Many of these pens use pre-filled oil cartridges that can be easily attached by screwing them into the actual pen. They’re fairly straightforward to use, though they’re not the most eco-friendly option. It’s a convenient way to try various strains without the hassle of cleaning.

marijuana oil cartridge for refillable vape pens

Refillable Marijuana Oil Vape Pens

Taking rechargeable marijuana oil pens a step further, these pens allow users to refill the oil chamber using a syringe. While some may find success with these, I’ve found them to be messy. cannabis oil is stickier than regular oil, making cleanup a challenge.

Flower Vape Pens

Resembling regular pens powered by batteries, flower vape pens feature a chamber for your chosen cannabis bud. They’re smaller than desktop vaporizers and easily portable, fitting in most pockets. A button activates the battery, heating the chamber and vaporizing the flower for inhalation. Some models even accommodate concentrates alongside flower, though we don’t really recommend it. When you head up concentrates they become more fluid, and may damage your pricey vaporizer.

These vaporizers are ideal for on-the-go enjoyment of actual marijuana without the hassle of rolling a joint. Offers an effortless way to inhale marijuana flower, along with enhanced discretion and a milder vaping aroma. Just keep a good grinder on hand and try to grind up the cannabis while it’s still damp. This will intensify the vaporizing.

hand held vaporizer and marijuana buds.

The Takeaway for Beginners

For a hassle-free introduction to vaping, our recommendation leans toward disposable marijuana oil vape pens. They provide a pure high and let you control your intake. Effects kick in within minutes, granting you the power to determine your usage.

In the evolving world of vaporizers, finding your perfect match can be both exciting and rewarding. Whether you’re leaning towards a desktop vaporizer for a premium experience or a portable vape for on-the-go convenience, vaping promises a cleaner, more controlled way to enjoy marijuana. Embrace the possibilities, explore, and let the vaporizing adventure begin!