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Unconventional Intake Methods: Gravity Bongs

By MK Thomson

March 5 2024

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Did you know you don’t have to smoke out of a store-bought bong? There are dozens of household items that you can use to actually make your own bong. Welcome to our new series about “Unconventional Intake Methods” – in this inaugural post we will show you how to make a gravity bong, then later a regular water bottle bong and even food bongs!

This is great information to have on the back burner because no matter how much you plan, you will find yourself at once without a method of intaking your weed. Well, now that’s not an issue! Just open your kitchen cabinets and grab one a plastic bottle and with a few other kitchen tools, you’re on your way to a nice bong sesh.

Check out our post “Anatomy of a Bong” to learn more about the actual parts of this smoking device.

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We heart gravity bongs

Our first unconventional DIY bong is the immortal Gravity Bong! Why smoke out of a bong? Bongs boast a centuries-old legacy, evolving into contemporary essentials with innovative features. Their recent surge in popularity owes to modern enhancements, making them more beloved than ever.

Some even classify bongs as the healthiest way to intake weed since bongs utilize water filtration to remove carcinogens effectively. Enthusiasts appreciate their versatility, efficiency, unique flavor, and historical significance, hailing them as the original smoking device for centuries.

Easy-assembly needed


  • Plastic bottle (500 ml to 1 liter size recommended); cap not needed
  • Bucket or or 2-liter or bigger plastic pitcher
  • Small sheet of aluminum foil – the thicker, the better
  • Sharp knife or box cutter
  • Poking device (toothpick or opened safety pin)
  • Your favorite herb (at least 1 gram, ground up)

Step 1: Getting the supplies ready

Begin by using the knife to remove the bottom half of a small plastic bottle. Be careful! Don’t do this stoned! Make sure there is a significant amount of the bottle left as this will be your smoke chamber. Tip: start by cutting just a little bit, then get it in the empty bucket or plastic pitcher to see if it “fits”. You can always cut off a little more with scissors. It doesn’t have to be super level at the bottom.

cutting the bottom of a plastic bottle

Step 2: Mastering the art of aluminum foil bowl making

Take the aluminum foil and wrap it around the opening of the bottle you just cut the bottom off of. Shape it so that it fits as tightly as possible around the opening, but can be taken off easily. This will take some time to get it right. I wouldn’t try folding the foil to make it thicker; that will create a tiny bit of space between the layers of foil that will accumulate smoke that should be going into your smoke chamber.

aluminum foil bowl
Something like this

Then, take your toothpick or sharp end of the safety pin and poke several holes in the aluminum foil bowl. Make enough that smoke can be drawn from the bowl, but not too many that suddenly you connect two tiny holes. Your weed can easily be sucked down into the smoke chamber!

Step 3: Super-easy assembly required

Fill the larger container with water, leaving space for some air. Then, in this order: 1.) submerge the smaller bottle, 2.) attach the crafted bowl, and 3.) load it with your chosen herb.

Hold the top of the submerged bottle with one hand and carefully light the herb with the other hand. Then …

ground up marijuana

Step 4: Drawing the smoke

Gently raise the smaller bottle, allowing it to slowly fill with smoke. Keep your eye on the bowl that it’s burning evenly and that the smoke chamber of the bottle you’re slowly raising is also filling. If you don’t see enough smoke or if it’s not really thick, check the bowl that it’s as tight as possible around the top opening of the bottle. Check also that there’s enough herb in the bowl and that it’s lit enough to where it’s combusting.

This step might take a little finesse to get it right, but believe me it’s worth it. (Btw, this is one of my favorite ways to smoke weed!)

Step 5: Taking your first big puff

Once the smaller bottle is full of smoke, carefully take off the aluminum foil bowl and position your mouth over the opening and exhale all of your air. As you gradually and slowly lower the bottle, start inhaling slowly and deeply. The water’s displacement ensures the inhalation of smoke. Go slowly, especially if you’re a beginner, because going too quickly can bring on a helluva coughing fit.

Gravity bongs are great for a group smoking sesh, but probably best if you’re all going to stay in and watch TV or one of our favorite movies, or listen to music because you can get really, really stoned with this intake method!

marijuana bud close up

Some things to keep in mind

Gravity bongs are great but they can get messy if you accidentally spill the bucket or water pitcher, if that’s what you are using. If you’re with a group of people it might be a good idea to set the bucket or pitcher in the kitchen sink and do your smoking session there. My friend used to do her gravity bongs in the living room. She had her gallon-sized pitcher sitting next to the sofa – filled to the brim. You can guess what happened one night. You got it – one party guest accidentally tipped over the pitcher and water was everywhere. Talk about a party pooper. We all had to clean up the mess. Take it from me – just have your session in the kitchen!

friends partying in the kitchen

Also, it’s good to change out your foil bowl frequently. Aluminum is not really meant to be used to fire up something that will be inhaled, so just change it out often. You can also slow down the charring of your foil bowl by carefully lighting only the her and not actually contacting the flame with the foil as much as possible.

Gravity bongs are awesome!

This is a great way to smoke weed for those who partake a bit more than the average person. It’s also more of a method for recreational smokers, rather than medical patients. It’s definitely a party intake method but a fantastic way to get your stonedness on!

Have fun and keep an eye on your guests who are more novice than you may be. This method can get people really stoned really fast, so keep that in mind. Have a great time!