marijuana with popcorn

Riverfront Times: Mind blowing movies (to watch while high!)

By MK Thomson

January 22 2024

We all love movies and it’s always a treat when someone recommends ones we haven’t seen – especially ones that will expand and blow your mind. Our carefully curated list of the top 10 mind-bending movies is a rollercoaster ride for both the movie buffs and those who appreciate a little herbal enhancement. These flicks aren’t just good after a little puff-puff-pass; they’re downright amazing for anyone seeking a wild ride through uncharted narrative territories. Grab your popcorn, roll one up (if that’s your thang), and get ready for some mind-altering viewing adventures that will transcend the ordinary candy-coated movies. But be careful – marijuana and these movies might literally blow your mind – – or really confuse you!

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