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Press release: Method Man’s TICAL Official cannabis brand launches in Missouri


October 30 2023

TICAL Official, one of North America’s fastest-growing cannabis brands led by prolific rapper, actor, and entrepreneur Method Man, today announced its adult-use availability in the state of Missouri, in partnership with CLOVR. Products available at ...

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Press Release: CLOVR Gives Back to Breast Cancer Patients This October


September 21 2023

(Kansas City, MO) September 20, 2023: CLOVR has unveiled a new chocolatey treat for a limited time featuring caramel, chocolate, and THC, these infused bonbons are sure to make your taste buds sing. A portion ...

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Press Release: Forbidden Fruit Introduces Revolutionary THC-Infused Dehydrated Fruit, Elevating Health in EdiblesPress Release:


August 22 2023

[Kansas City, MO August 18, 2023] – Forbidden Fruit, a pioneering family-owned and operated company, along with CLOVR manufacturing, proudly announces the launch of their groundbreaking product: THC-infused dehydrated fruit. This innovative creation redefines the ...


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River Front Times: Movies About Marijuana

By Bethanie White

March 20, 2024

There are movies that are great to watch while high, but what about movies that are about marijuana itself? Or at least where marijuana is pretty much another character in the movie! Let’s take a ...

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Riverfront Times: Mind blowing movies (to watch while high!)

By MK Thomson

January 22, 2024

We all love movies and it’s always a treat when someone recommends ones we haven’t seen – especially ones that will expand and blow your mind. Our carefully curated list of the top 10 mind-bending ...

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Riverfront Times: US vs. Dutch Cannabis

By MK Thomson

December 15, 2023

I might be aging myself, but I remember when the Netherlands reigned supreme as the world champion of marijuana and hash. The Dutch are famous for their tolerance of soft drugs, prostitution, and everything under ...

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OMG Remember When?!

By MK Thomson

December 6, 2023

We have come a long way with the availability and acceptance of marijuana in our lives and culture. But it wasn’t always like that! Those of us old enough to remember know when things were ...

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