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Press release: Method Man’s TICAL Official cannabis brand launches in Missouri


October 30 2023

TICAL Official, one of North America’s fastest-growing cannabis brands led by prolific rapper, actor, and entrepreneur Method Man, today announced its adult-use availability in the state of Missouri, in partnership with CLOVR. Products available at ...

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Press Release: CLOVR Gives Back to Breast Cancer Patients This October


September 21 2023

(Kansas City, MO) September 20, 2023: CLOVR has unveiled a new chocolatey treat for a limited time featuring caramel, chocolate, and THC, these infused bonbons are sure to make your taste buds sing. A portion ...

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Press Release: Forbidden Fruit Introduces Revolutionary THC-Infused Dehydrated Fruit, Elevating Health in EdiblesPress Release:


August 22 2023

[Kansas City, MO August 18, 2023] – Forbidden Fruit, a pioneering family-owned and operated company, along with CLOVR manufacturing, proudly announces the launch of their groundbreaking product: THC-infused dehydrated fruit. This innovative creation redefines the ...


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What's going on with Missouri cannabis packaging?

By Bethanie White

May 30, 2024

If you’ve been in a dispensary lately you may have noticed some of your favorite products have looked slightly different. By the end of 2024, all packaging will have a different design due to regulations ...

Press Release: CLOVR Unveils a New Cannabis Wellness Line

By Bethanie White

April 25, 2024

(Kansas City, Missouri) April 24, 2024: CLOVR is introducing a new line of cannabis-infused lotions, tinctures, and salves for enhanced well-being. CLOVR Wellness offers consumers a natural and holistic approach to self-care. The new product ...

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RFT: The Best Weed Cities in North America

By Bethanie White

February 7, 2024

In the last decade or so, cannabis culture in the United States has undergone a remarkable transformation – from public enemy number one to the darling of many holistic wellness protocols. With the legalization movement ...

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Riverfront Times: Mind blowing movies (to watch while high!)

By MK Thomson

January 22, 2024

We all love movies and it’s always a treat when someone recommends ones we haven’t seen – especially ones that will expand and blow your mind. Our carefully curated list of the top 10 mind-bending ...

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