Picture of Vancouver Canada

RFT: The Best Weed Cities in North America

By Bethanie White

February 7 2024


In the last decade or so, cannabis culture in the United States has undergone a remarkable transformation – from public enemy number one to the darling of many holistic wellness protocols. With the legalization movement continuing to grow across the country, North American cities are emerging as epicenters for marijuana fans, both medicinal and recreational. From the West Coast to the East Coast, the American cannabis scene is flourishing and giving North Americans an alternative to planning a trans-Atlantic trip to Amsterdam to have a little fun with weed.

This article embarks on a journey through the country’s most cannabis-friendly metropolises, celebrating the unique culture, diverse offerings, and progressive policies that make them stand out. From the iconic dispensaries of Denver to the laid-back ambiance of Portland, and the forward-thinking innovations of San Diego, we’ll explore what sets each city apart in embracing the green revolution. Join us as we explore the best marijuana cities in North America and show how these urban sites are helping reshape attitudes towards cannabis and creating innovation in the weed industry itself.

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