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With the changing cannabis climate through regulation and testing, there is always something new to learn. We hope to answer those questions here.


Questions about cannabis? We may have the answers. Find out here.

Commitment to Quality

CLOVR sources the most quality cannabis and ingredients to go into its products, free of pesticides and harmful cutting agents.

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Become a medical marijuana patient

Becoming a medical marijuana patient in Missouri can be confusing depending on where you look for help. Hopefully, we can make this process easier to understand and accomplish. 


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Hemp and Cannabis Differences


August 21, 2020

The cannabis industry seems like it’s been exploding with each state that passes laws that legalize medical or recreational marijuana. This has provided millions of people access to cannabis medicine though marijuana is still federally …

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Choosing Marijuana Strains – Find Your Perfect Match


July 29, 2020

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THC Tolerance breaks


July 20, 2020

Have you ever gotten to a point in your marijuana journey where you just can’t seem to get enough THC in your system? Maybe you’ve been chasing the experiences you had when you first started …

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What are Marijuana Strains?


July 16, 2020

Despite the continued efforts to stifle knowledge of the cannabis plant, its rich history is well-documented. Humans have used cannabis for food, fiber, and medicine for thousands of years. Cannabis is believed to have evolved in Central Asia and spread to all reaches of the planet adapting to various climates.

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Happy 710 – What is 710?


July 10, 2020

It’s July 10th, and seasoned stoners all over the globe are preparing to celebrate the recent holiday of 710. Many cannabis consumers don’t know the importance of 710 or even that it is a day …

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