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Riverfront Times: Give the Gift of Weed Chocolate This Valentine's Day

By CLOVR Cannabis

January 24 2022

valentines day riverfront times

With Valentine’s Day a little over three weeks away, plotting gifts to shower your loved ones with can be a little bit complicated if you want to break the mold of flowers or heart chocolates. If you’re looking for something slightly different this year, set your sights no further than your local dispensary.

CLOVR, a Kansas City-based cannabis-infused product manufacturer, doubles as Cupid this year, aiming to help you give the perfect gift: Partnered with Christopher Elbow Chocolatier, the companies crafted chocolate bonbons. Only available for a limited time, a pack of two bonbons have a strawberry and caramel filling, white chocolate shell and ten milligrams of THC per chocolate.

clovr valentines cannabis infused chocolate bonbons
“Creating new and authentic flavors, made with the highest quality cannabis and ingredients has always driven us,” Josh Mitchem, CEO of Clovr, said in a press release. “These new products align with that promise, and offers customers the luxury of indulging in high-quality cannabis with unbelievable flavor while not sacrificing quality or flavor that our medical patients desire.”

The chocolates are available at participating dispensaries which can be found on CLOVR’s website.

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