Press Release: CLOVR Launches Exciting New Candy Line Offering a Sweet Twist to Cannabis Consumption

By Bethanie White

July 8 2024

candy press release

Kansas City, MO, [July 8, 2024] – CLOVR, a reputable manufacturer of high-quality cannabis products, announces the release of its latest product line; CLOVR Candy offering a diverse range of THC-infused candies and suckers now available in dispensaries across Missouri starting this week. The new product collection includes suckers, hard candies, mints, and tarts, as well as a wide range of sugar-free suckers that cater to the diverse cannabis user.

“At CLOVR, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing how people experience cannabis,” said Josh Mitchem, CEO at CLOVR. “Our new cannabis-infused candies represent our commitment to creating enjoyable and accessible options for integrating cannabis into daily routines, setting a new standard in the market.”

Cannabis-infused candies like suckers and hard candies offer consumers a discreet and delicious way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis in the form of edibles. These products will appeal to both experienced consumers and newbies equally since they offer a practical substitute for conventional consumption methods.

Available now at dispensaries throughout Missouri, CLOVR’s cannabis-infused candies promise a flavorful journey into the world of cannabis, crafted with a priority for innovation and the highest quality standards.

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About CLOVR: CLOVR is a leading provider of premium cannabis-infused confections in Missouri, dedicated to crafting delicious and innovative products that offer a delightful cannabis experience. With a commitment to quality and excellence, CLOVR strives to bring joy and relaxation to consumers through its diverse range of cannabis-infused products.