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Marijuana and Meditation

By CLOVR Cannabis

June 18 2021


Meditation is awesome. If you haven’t tried it – you really should!  Fortunately, more and more people are learning about the benefits of regular practice, taking time to get quiet and relax the mind. The practice has tripled among adults in recent years. And there’s data to show its effectiveness in supporting both mental and physical health. If you love cannabis, chances are good that you’ll also love meditation. Marijuana and meditation are a natural combination, with the benefits of each enhancing the other.

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It is all too easy to lose yourself in the world’s fast pace. Legitimate preoccupations that derive from making a living and caring for families can put our minds out on a limb. You can feel like you’re balancing in a precarious state where it’s hard to think, concentrate, or truly perceive yourself and what will bring you happiness. Negative thinking and overthinking can be pits that we fall into all too easily. Having a phone with you every minute, constantly reminding you of what needs to get done or of stressful current events can really derail us in our quest for inner peace.

Meditation is a way to slow down, quiet the mind and allow yourself to find an inner fount of silence. It’s a way to reintroduce yourself to your essential self. This reconnection can be a wellspring of joy and energy, inspiring better relationships and more creativity. The physical and mental benefits of mindfulness have been sung from our culture’s rooftops – and it sounds like the balm that can soothe the nation’s wounds. But it is only by setting aside cultural demands and the imperatives of modern life that we can realize the full benefits of meditation.

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

Staying in the moment is the ultimate goal of meditation, not thinking of past problems or future tasks. When you first begin to meditate, it can be difficult to relax your mind. You need a quiet location that’s free from distractions. The steps that follow are based on basic mindfulness meditation, not derived from a specific spiritual practice.

  • Get comfortable.
  • Take deep, cleansing breaths.
  • Close your eyes, focus on your breathing.
  • Connect to the sensations you’re feeling in your body.
  • Try to stay in the moment.

When you first start the practice of meditation, it’s best to keep sessions in the 5 – 10-minute range. Soon you will find a productive loop of sitting, breathing, noticing and redirecting thoughts. You will be able to replace negative thoughts with mindfulness.

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As you begin your meditation, you may find distracting thoughts and emotions crowding into your mind, demanding attention. (The first five minutes of meditation are always when I realize I need to find some vital paperwork or when I remember something particularly embarrassing!) Try not to push these away or shut them down – the goal is to acknowledge and identify each as a thought or feeling, then set them aside. The calmer your mind is, the easier this will become.

A Perfect Pairing

Both marijuana and meditation have been helpful for some in treating depression and anxiety. They can work together to reduce physical pain and inflammation. More people are seeing the benefits of pairing the two.

Cannabis plant with Buddha statue

Marijuana can prepare you for meditation by helping relax your mind and body. This feeling of calm can also heighten your sensory perceptions. Marijuana’s relaxing and euphoric effects will put you in the mood for introspection. It can help you to stay relaxed enough to let your mind release nagging thoughts and negative emotions. This heightened sense of self and of your surroundings can paradoxically push you to a place where you can let go, to be only in this moment. Cannabis can help focus your mind and find the balance you need to realize the benefits of meditation.

Flowing and Focused

Some report that using marijuana enhances a meditative state, even while in motion. When I’m walking on the beach and having a jay, my thoughts calm down. It helps me to focus and go even deeper into the meditative state. Thoughts that have been scrambling get sorted and find their proper place in my consciousness.

Darrin Zeer, the author of “High Yoga” and a cannabis expert, concurs. “The main benefit [of meditating while] using cannabis is becoming present with this moment,” he said, “which is the ultimate goal for all meditators—the feeling of altered mindfulness.”

photo courtesy of yoga expert darrin zeer

YMMMV (Your Meditative Mileage May Vary)

Everyone’s physiology is different. You will want to use a strain of cannabis that you know ahead of time doesn’t create any feelings of paranoia or fogginess. Microdosing can be a great approach. Use strains that are lower in THC if you find yourself feeling too distracted during meditation. Some experts suggest using strains of cannabis that balance effects that are energizing and relaxing.

Ancient Practice, Modern Peace

Meditation is an ancient practice, reaching back at least 7000 years. The use of marijuana during meditation has also been happening for a very long time. Some holy members of Hindu sects in India and Nepal have used cannabis to aid in meditation. Cannabis has also been an essential part of meditative practice for Tantric Buddhists in the Himalayas, who have used it to heighten awareness of all aspects of their ceremonies.

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Those who enjoy marijuana could find that meditation will make their experience with it even more enjoyable, bringing more profound insight, relaxation and calm.