marijuana buds in daily medication pill case

What is Marijuana Microdosing?

By CLOVR Cannabis

July 26 2022

psychedelics microdosing

Marijuana microdosing is a way of taking medical marijuana that has usually been associated with psychedelic drugs such as LSD and psilocybin (“magic”) mushrooms. Recently, however, the practice of microdosing has been gaining traction within the cannabis community as well. Weed enthusiasts are now looking for how they can still enjoy the drug without it getting in the way of their daily productivity.

marijuana buds in daily medication pill case

But how does microdosing cannabis work, and does it really have any benefits? Read on to find out more:

What Is Marijuana Microdosing?

Microdosing consists of just that — using a tiny amount of the drug throughout the day in order to produce very mild and sustained effects. Microdosing is a relatively new idea that took root in Silicon Valley among tech workers who wanted more creativity and less depression and anxiety. These workers would use very small doses of psychedelic substances throughout their day in order to “gain a creative edge”.

While there is not much scientific evidence to back this practice, many people swear up and down that it works and does provide some very beneficial effects. As more states began legalizing weed, some cannabis consumers applied these microdosing principles to weed. Instead of smoking a large amount of THC in one go, users would take just a small pinch of THC throughout the day.

Microdosing should only have a small, almost unnoticeable effect. If you feel “high” or “trippy,” then you’re not microdosing properly.

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Microdosers may feel a slight buzz, but it should not impede their work performance. The main benefits that users receive are increased creativity as well as a light relaxing effect that takes the edge off of stressful workdays.

Why Microdose Cannabis?

Using cannabis to microdose is a very new phenomenon. In the early days of cannabis, it was all about making stronger and stronger strains to keep up with the demand for getting that great high. In modern times, however, it is more about convenience and a functional high. This functional high has become popular because of a demanding economy and a workforce that wants to succeed but also needs some help to maintain its competitive edge.

Now that THC has become a less stigmatized subject, more people are curious about using cannabis in their day-to-day lives. Rather than just using cannabis to get high on a Saturday night, these consumers want to incorporate weed into their workweek.

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Microdosing cannabis reportedly enhances productivity, creativity, and overall mental function without the spacy high associated with regular THC dosages.

Another reason people try microdosing has to do with THC’s side effects. Not everyone can tolerate THC at high doses. In fact, some people may experience panic attacks, confusion, or lethargy if they take too much THC. At lower levels, however, THC could exert a more therapeutic effect on patients and run a lower risk of side effects. Additionally, some people claim microdosing makes it harder to build up a tolerance.

One of the downsides of regularly consuming cannabis is that it’s easy for cannabinoid receptors to get overwhelmed and dulled. With marijuana microdosing, you will never overwhelm your body’s receptors and will only receive the slight mild effects that microdosing reportedly provides.

How To Microdose Cannabis

There are a variety of methods of microdosing cannabis. Everyone’s body is different and requires some experimenting in order to find the right dosage amount. This process is delicate, as taking too much may make it hard to be at your best productively, while too little may not provide any effects at all.

The best way to determine your ideal dosing regimen is to record your cannabis consumption in a journal. Every day, write down what cannabis product you’re using (i.e., edible, vape cartridges, or flower) and how much you took. Also, try to keep track of the effects you feel in order to dial in your ideal amount versus when you may have taken a little too much.

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A good starting point for most medical marijuana patients interested in trying microdosing is to start off at between 1 and 2.5 milligrams of THC and stick with that dosage for a few days.

Gradually increase your dosage from there using 1 mg increments until you begin to feel the effects slightly. Once you find the sweet spot, you should stick with that dose for at least three to four days. If it still feels like a good spot to be in, then you have found your dosage!

Your budtender is your best friend!

Always check with your marijuana care provider or local budtender for recommendations. They are almost always up-to-date with the latest and greatest – including thoughts on different dosages to help you find the best amount and mix for your specific condition.