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Kansas City Magazine: Christopher Elbow’s Cannabis-Infused Chocolates Are A Nice Splurge For Medical Marijuana Patients

By CLOVR Cannabis

January 4 2022

Christopher Elbow chocolate edibles

Christopher Elbow has been making some of the city’s best chocolate bars and bonbons since 2003. In 2020, he asked the important question: “What if we put weed in them?”

Elbow has partnered with Clovr to create THC-infused chocolate bars and special versions of his famous bonbons—they’re just as pretty as the bonbons that made Elbow famous, but they’ll get card-carrying Missouri medical marijuana patients high.

The medicated bonbons come in a variety of flavors including salted vanilla caramel, creme brulee, citrus caramel, Italian espresso caramel and pumpkin spice. Each bonbon contains ten milligrams of THC, and they are typically sold two per box. I remember buying them in four-packs earlier in the year, but maybe that never happened and I was just high. Either way, a two-piece box will run you $16—they’re available at many local dispensaries. I tried the pumpkin spice flavor, and they were delightful. It was like an autumn gusher exploding in my mouth. I could eat a dozen more, but, sadly, my medical marijuana allotment and checking account prevent this dream from becoming a reality. If you’re a heavy edible consumer, then twenty milligrams doesn’t do a lot. But it did provide me with a very mellow and pleasant high. They didn’t make me wanna lay down and think about every bad decision I’ve ever made, which can happen. If edibles aren’t really your bag, then start with one and wait at least an hour before eating the other in the pack.

These are a little pricey for the dosage, and you can find many less expensive edibles, even in the “fine cocoa” class. These are a special treat—perhaps a Valentine’s Day gift. My mom really wants to try them. It’s Christopher Elbow’s fault my mom wants to experiment with drugs. Sadly, my mom lives in Kansas, so she’s out of luck unless she can find a less scrupulous patient to share.

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