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How To Stop Being High

By MK Thomson

March 20 2024


As far as drugs and vices go, cannabis is very safe. In the latest World Drug Report by the United Nations, the organization could not find a single cannabis-related overdose death while noting that weed is also the most consumed drug on the planet. It’s true: getting too high off of cannabis is highly unlikely to cause you any serious harm. If you were to stumble into an emergency room in the Show-Me state frantically telling the health care givers you have just consumed waaay too much cannabis, it’s almost certain the doctors would send you home with a prescription for water and sleep it off (we might add to turn on somesome Zeppelin to help out!)

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So while getting too high isn’t likely to cause any life-altering or threatening harm to you, it can still be an uncomfortable situation – especially for newbies. Taking a hit off a desktop vaporizer that’s too big for your tolerance level or accidentally eating too much of an edible can result in short-term – though intensified – feelings of anxiety, paranoia, and nausea, and can just be unpleasant for any level of cannabis user. If you find yourself in this position, we have put together a few tips that can help you stop being too high. 

Tips for stopping being too high

Every cannabis consumer has a story about the one time they got too stoned. Even the most experienced people can indulge a little too much now and then. Even heavy users have had more than once thought, “I’m going to get beyond baked!” only to find themselves having consumed way too much weed. If you find yourself in an uncomfortably high situation, use some of these tips to help you navigate.

  • Try mindful breathing exercises

We know it’s not exactly helpful when someone tells you to “calm down” while you are freaking out. But when you have gotten a little too high off of cannabis, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to focus on your breathing. Mindful breathing can lower the heart rate, lessen anxiety, and help you keep it together. Just take a seat, get yourself centered as much as possible, and tell yourself, “I’m just stoned. It will pass.” Then start slowly breathing.

Mindful breathing can be as simple as counting each breath in and out. Count “one” on the breath in, and “two” on the breath out. Even if your heart is racing, just relax and breathe. Continue this counting until you get to ten and then start back at one. If you can, whenever you find yourself getting paranoid or anxious during your high, bring the focus back to your breathing. There are a plethora of breathing exercise videos on YouTube, too.

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  • Water is life … and lifeline

An uncomfortable high usually comes with some cotton mouth, a very common side effect of cannabis in which your mouth gets so dry it becomes unbearable. To combat this, make sure you are staying hydrated! Keep a nice glass of water nearby to wet your whistle. It can also give you something to do if you are feeling fidgety.

But do not confuse “staying hydrated” with drinking an alcoholic beverage. Alcohol is not your friend if you have gotten too high off marijuana. That’s because alcohol can increase THC concentration in your blood. Plus, alcohol can further dehydrate you.

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  • Call a sympathetic friend

It can be difficult to turn your brain off when you are overly stoned. And when your brain is working overtime, it can produce thoughts that can make you feel paranoid, anxious, or just plain confused. Once the wheels start turning in a bad direction, it might be time to find one of your roommates or phone a friend. Having someone to talk to can keep your mind from straying too far.

  • Try counteracting with CBD

It might sound counterintuitive to suggest using more cannabis products after getting too high off of other cannabis products. But CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is very different from THC, the cannabinoid that makes people feel high. So you do not have to worry about CBD intensifying what is already an uncomfortable level of psychoactive activity.

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CBD is known for a whole host of medical applications, including its ability to help reduce anxiety. Research shows that CBD can work to calm overactivity in the brain by interacting with cannabinoid receptors. So if you are feeling particularly anxious or paranoid after smoking too much cannabis, CBD oil may help calm you.

  • Take a shower

Ever had a bad hangover, taken a long shower, and suddenly felt like a new person? The same can be said for a nice shower when you accidentally get a little too high. If you can, jump in the shower and let the warm water do its rejuvenating thing. Odds are you will leave feeling very refreshed and a little less high. Just be very careful getting in and out of the shower – you’re stoned, after all. If you’re taking a bath or taking a shower in a bathtub, be sure to have someone in the home with you. Safety first!

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  • Watch happy TV

Throw on one of your favorite comedic television shows and veg out on the couch for a while. But keep it light! A true crime documentary or a fictional movie about a violent alien takeover may not be the best genre choice when you are too high. Having something light on instead will help keep your mood high, distract you from your discomfort, and help you pleasantly pass the time.

Can’t think of any shows to watch? You can find CLOVR’s pick of the top TV shows to watch while high.

  • Go for a walk

Sometimes the best distraction from being too high is to just get moving. Now, you may not feel physically capable of doing an entire CrossFit workout or HIIT class, but if you can, opt for a long walk outside. Some fresh air and physical movement can help take your mind off the high. But you might want to throw some dark sunglasses on before you head out!

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  • Sleep it off

If all else fails just take a long nap or call it a night altogether. The great thing about cannabis is that it will work its way through your system naturally over a few hours (depending on the amount of marijuana ingested and your unique physiology). And while you might feel groggy the next day, you won’t have a terrible hangover like you would if you overdosed on alcohol. If you’ve tried everything on this list but still feel uncomfortably high, just sleep it off! You will wake up the next day feeling much better and maybe even ready to take the right dose!

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Great cannabis hack

If you eat a pinch of black pepper it has a calming effect. That is because pepper has a terpene called beta-caryophyllene in it that produces a synergistic chemical reaction with the cannabinoid receptors in your brain bringing a feeling of calm. It’s a great one for how to stop being high.

If you are having trouble finding the right dose of cannabis for you, stop by your favorite Missouri marijuana dispensary near you. The super helpful budtenders can help pick products and strains that fit your lifestyle and tolerance level.