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Awesome Shows to Watch Stoned Over the Holidays

By CLOVR Cannabis

June 15 2022

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It’s that time of year, when early darkness drives many of us inside and the windy, cold weather keeps us in. Whether its vacation time, school snow days of a festive holiday, more time inside means more time for binging shows to watch stoned! For those days we’d love to share some of our picks for the best TV show to binge over the holidays!

two pairs of feet with socks in front of tv

Time to curl up on the sofa and nibble on your favorite edible or puff on your vape pen and enjoy these awesome shows!

“Foundation”, Apple TV

Foundation is based on a book series by Isaac Asimov. The show builds on Asimov’s portrayal of a civilization in decline with stunning visuals and music.

A young girl named Gaal (Lou Llobell) from an algae-farming colony is brought to the bustling capital planet of Trantor. She has solved a complex math problem and won a chance to study with a renowned mathematician, Hari Seldon (played by Jared Harris of “Mad Men” fame). He has figured out a way to predict an ominous future, which puts him and Gaal in danger. The powers-that-be want to hide the dangers to come.

isaac asimov science fiction writer

Lee Pace (of “Halt and Catch Fire“) is one of the civilization’s leaders, a clone of an ancient ruler called Brother Day. He’s accompanied by a younger clone called Dawn and an older one named Dusk. Pace captures a mythic grandeur that’s undercut with brutality. Rather than being killed, Hari and Gaal are exiled to a planet called Terminus. Their job will be to create “Foundation”, a primer for building a new civilization.

The plot travels through time, with impressive special effects helping to build a world that feels grand and doomed at the same time. “Foundation” will draw you in with its vision and keep you watching with the emotional resonance of the characters.

“Rutherford Falls”, Peacock

If you like “Parks and Recreation“, you’ll also enjoy “Rutherford Falls“. It centers on another town full of interesting and humorous characters, but “Rutherford Falls” has serious questions about how we consider history, what is celebrated and what’s left out.

A visiting reporter (Dustin Milligan from “Schitt’s Creek“) wants to create a podcast about the conflict in Rutherford Falls. Some town residents would love to remove a statue of town founder “Big Larry” Rutherford, which is smack-dab in the middle of Main Street and has caused a lot of car crashes.

the cast of rutherford falls

Local tribal member Reagan (Native actress Jana Schmieding) hopes to build a heritage center to celebrate her tribe’s history. Meanwhile, her lifelong best friend, local historian Nathan Rutherford (Ed Helms of “The Office” and “The Hangover” movies), wants to preserve his family’s history above all else. He goes up against Terry (played by Michael Greyeyes), a tribal leader who is handsome and slick but also insecure and hilarious.

The reporter uncovers some history that’s been oppressed, leaving Nathan reeling in disbelief. There is gentle conflict and humor based in the characters’ foibles. “Rutherford Falls” is a microcosm for a country that’s reckoning with some of its own uncomfortable history, and it’s good to see that progress can happen.

“Dickinson”, Apple TV

The show “Dickinson” brings us directly into the mind of Emily Dickinson (played by Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld). It helps us experience how her poems came to her in overwhelming dreams and visions. In the very first episode, “Dickinson” steps into an ornate coach pulled by ghost horses. Inside she meets Death, played by the rapper Wiz Khalifa. She is whisked away as the words, “Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me,” float across the screen.

actress hailee steinfeld

Emily Dickinson is one of America’s foundational poets, but “Dickinson” is careful not to put her on a pedestal. When we first meet her, she is a rebellious teenager, not afraid to provide opium to her party guests or twerk when the opportunity arises.

The show’s timeline has reached the Civil War when the third season starts. “Dickinson” has spurned all suitors and loves her sister-in-law, Sue. The show is very frank about their sexual relationship (a portrayal that may or may not be supported by the historical record).

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“Dickinson” immerses the viewer in history but with a refreshing and modern take. These characters step out of history and seem pretty real. And let’s face it: any series that can pair Wiz with Emily D. is definitely worth watching!

‘Tis the season to jolly and binge shows to watch stoned!

The weather outside might be frightful – boy, does it get COLD in Missouri/Kansas! – but with a warm blanket, good company and some awesome shows you can stay inside and keep cozy warm. Enjoy these shows with your favorite MMJ product and as always, enjoy responsibly.

For movies, try having one of CLOVR’s vape pens and a little ganja chocolate to take about 20 minutes into the movie. But be careful not to keep smoking until the chocolates kick in!

Happy Holidays!