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Feast Magazine:  Across Missouri, Chefs are using their culinary skills to create top-notch cannabis edibles.

By CLOVR Cannabis

March 28 2022

feast magazine Christopher Elbow chocolate edibles

From artful Italian espresso-caramel bonbons to tangy blood orange-infused dark chocolate flecked with crisp candied hazelnuts to shimmering mango gumdrops, edibles have come a long way from your college roommate’s weed brownies.

As the category continues to flourish within the national cannabis market – edibles sales grew by more than 20 percent in 2021, totaling $1.38 billion – several local companies are looking to corner the market with more refined offerings in the wake of Missouri legalizing medical marijuana in November 2018. With the help of some talented and ambitious chefs, they’re upgrading the edible experience with thoughtful ingredients, precise dosing, and an artisanal approach.

In October 2020, acclaimed Kansas City chocolatier Christopher Elbow – known for artful chocolate bonbons, colorful pâte de fruit, and delicate caramels made with the finest ingredients – turned heads by entering the medical marijuana industry. He teamed up with Clovr, a cannabis-infused product manufacturer in Kansas City, to develop recipes for chocolate confections and handcrafted bonbons with varying levels of THC and CBD.

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