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CLOVR Cannabis teams with Keef

By CLOVR Cannabis

July 2 2020

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CLOVR Cannabis teams with Keef Brands to bring marijuana-infused beverages to Missouri


DATE: July 2, 2020

Kansas City, MO — CLOVR announced the new licensing agreement with Colorado-based Keef Brands to produce and distribute Keef’s award-winning, cannabis-infused beverages and edibles to Missouri medical marijuana dispensaries and patients.   

The new partnership will bring together the cannabis extraction expertise from CLOVR and Keef’s well-known beverages and gummy products.  Initial product offering will include Keef Classics soda, Keef Life H2O, low-calorie flavor enhanced water, and Keef Bottle Caps gummies. Each product line will offer a variety of flavors which will be distributed statewide. 

The popularity of alternative cannabis products continues to grow as medical marijuana patients seek a replacement to the inhalation of smoke and vapor, with the demand in drinkable and edible medical marijuana products leading the way. Unlike most edibles, cannabis-infused beverages have a quicker and more consistent uptake into the body. Delivery of the THC into the body first occurs in the mouth through saliva, reducing delayed effects and allowing users to consume their product more responsibly. 

CLOVR CEO, Josh Mitchem talks about the new partnership: 

“We are proud to have the ability to produce what we believe is the “King of the Mountain” in infused beverages.  The infused beverage industry is growing at break-neck speeds, and Keef is always at the forefront of new products and technology. With Clovr’s brand recognition in Missouri, and Keef’s top-of-class product line-up, we plan on cornering the infused beverage market in the Show Me state.” 

CLOVR brings more than 20 years of cannabis industry expertise to Missouri. CLOVR’s product line is highlighted by its oils, concentrates, and edibles. 

Keef CEO and co-founder, Erik Knutson speaks about the new partnership: 

“We’re extremely excited to be partnering with an amazing company like CLOVR. Their efforts in pushing the medical cannabis laws forward in Missouri helped pave the way for countless others and has opened access for thousands of Missourians. We look forward to many years of prosperous growth together as we lead the way towards eventual legalization of the plant in the great state of Missouri!” 

Since 2010, Keef has been a leader in the cannabis-infused beverage space from its Denver, Colorado base. Their full line of drinkable products includes sodas, mocktails, sparkling and enhanced waters, vapes, oils, and traditional gummies. Keef currently maintains 5 of the top 10 selling beverage SKUs in both Colorado and California according to HeadSet. Missouri is the next state to carry Keef’s products shortly after it entered Oklahoma where it entered more than 250 stores in the first few weeks of availability.

CLOVR will begin manufacturing and distributing a limited number of products and expects to expand the product line shortly thereafter.   

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