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Clovr is excited to launch brand new products in the Missouri Medical Marijuana market. At our facility in Kansas City, we extract cannabis oil and distillate and infuse it into high-quality Clovr chocolate bars and bonbons with the help of chocolatier Christopher Elbow. For those who prefer to inhale their medicine, we have created disposable vape pens, cartridges, and other Clovr extracts.

Clovr Products

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Wana’s mission is to enhance its customers’ lives through the responsible use of cannabis. As the #1 Infused Products company with operations across the United States delivering the same great experience time after time. They’ve spent years fine-tuning the recipes so its products are delicious as well as consistent and potent. Try Wana and enhance your life!


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Combining the fun, social, celebratory experience of drinking with the magic and joy of cannabis, Keef leads the cannabis beverage space. Keef’s lineup of beverages include colas, sparkling waters, and mocktails offering a new generation of consumers an alternative to alcohol and an innovative new way to consume, have fun, and enjoy life.

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First and foremost a gummy company, Robhots was a pioneer in distillate-infused edibles, being the first company in the state of Colorado to manufacture gummies using distillate. Robhots focus is consistency, and their passion for developing both consistent and tasty edibles in a variety of dosages is evident in their many and varied realistic fruit flavors.

Robhots Products

Woman wearing a Robhots t-shirt and playing pool.
A woman feeds her date a bite of a Funny Bone chocolate bar.


Let us tickle your taste buds with chocolate bars in your new favorite flavors. More satisfying than sheets fresh from the dryer or a pristine roll of bubble wrap ready for popping, Funny Bone is a new Missouri chocolate brand ready to explode. Like the perfect rebound relationship, we’re just a little bit naughty, but you know you like it.

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