Two Gram Disposable Vape

2000 mg/2 gram

CLOVR Disposable Vape Pen
Powered by CCell Technology

Get ready for a sleek and hassle-free vaping experience. Our two-gram disposable vape pen is inhale-activated and equipped with clog-free dual air vents, providing you with smooth drags anytime, anywhere. Plus, its discreet design makes it easy to carry around.
- Hassle-free vaping
- Clog-free dual air vents
- Discreet and easy-to-carry design

Calm and relaxation

Animal Mintz is associated with a heavy sense of calm, making it a favorite of those who need their anxiety, stress, and pain rinsed away near the end of the day. Based on a hybrid strain created by crossing Animal Cookies, GSC, and Blue Power, this flavor’s sweet, pungent, minty profile can bring an instant wash of relaxation to soothe the most savage breast. (

Pungent, Minty,, Sweet