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Interview With a Long Time User

By MK Thomson

January 30 2024

It’s been a while since we interviewed a long-time marijuana user. Mike, a thirty-nine-year-old accomplished man working in corporate America sits down for a candid interview regarding his experience using THC over the last 22 years.

Q: Good morning! Let’s start out by sharing a little back story; how old were you when you started using THC and why did you start?

A: I was seventeen, and I started because I saw other people smoke and be able to have fun without consequences or harm – for example, drinking & driving, being kicked out of sports, hangovers, etc. I grew up in a strict Southern Baptist home and found it was easier to smoke marijuana privately and maintain my relationship with my family.

Also, I found there was a medical benefit for me to smoke marijuana as I had a bout with Crohn’s my senior year. It started Homecoming week. I was Vice President of the student council and one of my responsibilities was setting up the dances. During Homecoming week I was very stressed out. I had a lot of schoolwork, and a lot going on while trying to set up for the homecoming dance. I was so stressed out that I started having blood in my stool. Over the next several weeks it got worse, I lost 30 pounds, and my back constantly hurt. I had to go to the hospital and get a colonoscopy. The doctor put me on medication but when it flared up it didn’t help.

colonoscopy camera in doctor's hand

Shortly after getting diagnosed; I happened to be with a friend who lived five miles out of town and I noticed my back starting to hurt and I said “I have to go home. I think I am having a flare and I will need to use the restroom.” He said, “Let’s smoke this joint on the way to my house and you can use the restroom when we get there.” My back was hurting so bad that I decided to smoke hoping it would help take my mind off the pain. It did help. It calmed my diarrhea so well that I didn’t need to use the restroom until six o’clock the next day.

man lighting up a marijuana joint

Over the next several weeks my symptoms completely went away. Flash forward to the spring of my senior year I did a research paper on Crohn’s Disease and found a few websites in the early internet days mentioning that marijuana was beneficial for symptoms of Crohn’s and the only reason it couldn’t be confirmed as a cure is that research was limited as marijuana was not legal at that time. I haven’t had any symptoms of Crohn’s since that time in my senior year.

Q: Do you have a preference for Indica or Sativa?

A: Yes, I prefer to smoke sativa in the morning and Indica at night. A typical day is Sativa in the morning, Hybrid mid-day, and Indica at night.

indica and sativa leaves

Q: For a newbie what does that mean?

A: Well, for me Sativa is more of a neurological enhancement. It helps me focus whereas hybrids and indica are more of a body high and relaxes me to calm down for the night.

Q: Do you maintain smoking the same strain or do you experiment with other strains?

A: I am always trying new strains. I find if I smoke only one strain I will get used to it and it won’t be as effective. I like to go back and forth. If I find a good strain that I like, I will change up to a different strain for a while so that I won’t build a tolerance. Eventually, I will go back to the strain I liked. By switching strains often I can get the most effectiveness out of that strain and reduce the likelihood I will build a tolerance.

Q: In what ways do you ingest THC?
A: Now that it is legal I enjoy a variety of ways to enjoy THC. I will often smoke, either “bud” or vape and take an edible at the same time. Sometimes I eat edibles, for example, if I am traveling and I don’t want to risk having “bud” in a state where it is still not legal. I find that it is easier to carry my THC in an edible format when I go places where smoking may not be appropriate, for example, work functions or with new people that I don’t know or trust.

Q: Do you think you will ever stop using THC?
A: No. Not permanently. I periodically take breaks, more so that I don’t build tolerance and I think it is good to take breaks as a cleanse.

various marijuana edibles

Q: Are you concerned about addiction?
A: No. I don’t believe marijuana/THC is addictive. Not for me. It is not physically addictive and while I guess it can be mentally addictive, I am not concerned that is the case personally. Many things are mentally addictive; sugar, shopping, and sex I think that is more of an issue of discipline and personality. Not a concern for me.

Q: What advice would you give to someone considering trying THC for the first time?

A: I would suggest trying it with someone you trust, who has experience. Through the whole process. Discuss beforehand what you want to get out of it, what your goal is, and whether it’s just for fun or if you have a medical need you are hoping to alleviate. Also, now that it’s legal in our state (Missouri) and there is more information available I would suggest doing some research beforehand and asking for advice from the bud-tender at the dispensary.

weed from a marijuana dispensary

They are usually quite helpful and can suggest a strain if you want to smoke, or if you prefer to use a combination of smoke and edibles, or just edibles they are really helpful, don’t be shy that is what they are there to do.

I always ask, even though I am experienced I enjoy hearing about new strains and options based on whether I want to relax or focus.

Awesome! Thanks, Mike for your time and great insights!