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CLOVR Teams With Christopher Elbow

By CLOVR Cannabis

October 10 2020

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Clovr Teams with Christopher Elbow to Transform Medical Marijuana Edibles


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Kansas City, MO — CLOVR Cannabis announced today the partnership with renowned chocolatier, Christopher Elbow, to create a new line of medical marijuana (MMJ) edibles for Missouri marijuana dispensaries.

The teaming up of the Kansas City-based cannabis product manufacturer and the pastry chef-turned-chocolate artisan will bring a new and uniquely innovative line of chocolates to Missouri MMJ patients.

The demand for high-quality MMJ products is growing exponentially since the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana by Missouri state legislatures these past years, bringing relief to Missourians suffering from such ailments as chronic pain, cancer, anxiety and other mental disorders, and providing alternative remedies to prescription medications, some of which can have addictive and disruptive side effects.

The CLOVR-Elbow partnership also responds to the trend within the MMJ treatment industry for high-quality and highly appetizing edibles for patients who prefer not to inhale smoke.

CLOVR CEO, Josh Mitchem speaks about the new partnership:

“We at CLOVR are beyond excited to be partnering with the world-class chocolatier, Christopher Elbow. His reputation stands on its own, but paired with our high-end extracted oils, we look to take our partnership to the top of the cannabis industry in Missouri.

“Both of our groups are Kansas City-bred and raised. Providing Missouri-based edibles for Missourians is CLOVR’s mission and working with Christopher Elbow will help us see that through.”

The team behind CLOVR has six years of experience in the cannabis industry. CLOVR plans to produce high-quality extracts and infused products, sourced from tested Missouri cannabis cultivators to ensure safe and consistent cannabis oils and derivatives. Combining high quality oils with equally high-quality foods is important to maintain the delicate balance of marijuana-based compounds, including THC and CBD.

Christopher Elbow, owner and head of Christopher Elbow Chocolates, comments on the partnership:

“When conversations began with CLOVR about a possible collaboration, I was immediately impressed with their commitment to bring not only the highest quality, but also the safest products to this fast-growing market. In addition, this collaboration will also help to benefit my cause of supporting the farmers that are growing fine flavor cacao around the world, which is becoming a very important part of my mission in the chocolate world”.

CLOVR and Christopher Elbow have begun experimenting with combinations and recipes and expect their finished product to be available for wholesale distribution around December of this year.

Please see the currently available Christopher Elbow marijuana-infused edibles. Ask your favorite dispensary to supply them!

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