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CLOVR is Missouri's First Medical Marijuana Manufacturer Granted Approval to Operate

By CLOVR Cannabis

December 3 2020


December 3, 2020 (Kansas City, Missouri) A Kansas City-based medical marijuana manufacturer, CLOVR, is the first in the state of Missouri to receive approval for operation by the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). CLOVR passed a series of required inspections including security, health, and operating procedures to gain the approval of the state. CLOVR was awarded two manufacturing licenses in the Kansas City area. Clovr President, David Odell speaks about the commencement process:

“We are overjoyed, excited, and frankly, exhausted from this journey.  This inspection wasn’t just a year in the making, but a culmination of three years of planning and preparing. This road had more obstacles and lane changes than anticipated, but our ability to address those quickly and aggressively is what enabled us to be the first commenced manufacturing license in the state of Missouri.  Our success today could not have been achieved without the amazing support from our ownership team, employees, construction team, and brand partners.  Without everyone working toward a single goal as a team, we never would have finished this journey.  Now we turn toward a new journey of fulfilling our promise to produce and deliver the best infused and edible products to the state.”

CLOVR will manufacture a wide array of medical marijuana products including vape pens; dabbables, such as wax and shatter; and chocolate in collaboration with local chocolatier, Christopher Elbow. In addition to its own products, CLOVR is the licensed distributor in Missouri for several multi-state cannabis-infused product brands, namely Wana, Keef, and Robhots.

The Director of Operations at Clovr, Diana Coats, PhD, commented on the commencement process:

“I am so excited to finally get our approval from the state!  Our whole team has been working so hard to bring this project to fruition. We are ready to start manufacturing products for Missouri dispensaries and I believe Missouri patients are beyond ready as well. Everything in our facility has been planned out to be able to produce safe and effective products for Missouri patients.  We have carefully designed our facility and have sourced machinery that was specifically designed for cannabis manufacturing.  We have already begun to onboard and train our staff on safety, cleanliness, and creating high-quality products.  We have flower waiting in the wings and anticipate being operational within weeks.”

Clovr expects to have wholesale products available to dispensaries across Missouri by late December.

About CLOVR:
Clovr believes there is a cannabis consumption method for every type of person, and we are happy to help you find what best fits you and your lifestyle. We offer cannabis-infused chocolate bars, gummies, vape pens, concentrates, beverages, and many more products for whichever consumption method you prefer. Combating the stereotype, we believe cannabis can be a part of your life without becoming your life.


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