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Who We Are

Headquartered in Kansas City, Clovr is a cannabis-infused product manufacturer that believes in safe, consistent, and quality cannabis products for Missouri's medical marijuana patients. As the extractor, infuser, and wholesaler of our own products, we can ensure patients are getting exactly what they are reading on the label - no chemicals, no funny business.

Clovr believes there's a cannabis consumption method for every type of person and we are happy to help you find what best fits you and your lifestyle. We offer cannabis-infused chocolate bars, gummies, vape pens, concentrates, beverages, and many more products for whatever consumption method you prefer. Combating the stereotype, we believe cannabis can be a part of your life without becoming your life.

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Our Mission

At Clovr, we believe that legal and quality cannabis should be
available to all people. This reliable access to natural medicine
can be a safe alternative to prescription drugs and positively impact the lives of our customers.


The Clovr Brand

Cannabis should be accessible to everyone. With a history fettered by prohibition, cannabis has long
been misunderstood as both a medicine and a source of enjoyment. At Clovr, we are dedicated to
changing public opinion on cannabis by normalizing the plant in the eyes of the mainstream.

Above all, Clovr is a family. Our team is comprised of cannabis experts who will share our knowledge
with the community - in Kansas City and beyond. Looking forward, Clovr’s goal as a business is to
establish itself as a trusted brand that is accessible to all walks of life. This progression will be
accomplished through a dedication to quality, reliability, and consumer education.

Teaching the community about the benefits of cannabis is the only way to make it accessible to those
in need. Clovr also feels it is particularly important to provide a safe alternative to opioids for those
struggling with chronic pain. Similarly, cannabis can provide much-needed relief – both physical and
financial - for those sick people inundated with medical bills.

Clovr will provide a safe and dependable cannabis dispensary environment for consumers in the
Midwest. To this end, we are working tirelessly against cannabis’s negative stigma by employing a
well-educated staff and offering top-of-the-line products. With this approach, consumers can reliably
purchase products with an understanding of accurate dosing and effects.

Clovr understands that a successful cannabis business is built on a dedication to good service, a quality
product offering, and a dynamic vision of the future. Therefore, we are building our Kansas City
operation with unwavering attention to detail. Looking forward, we will share this model with the
rest of the nation as an industry-leading cannabis brand.


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