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A Primary Caregiver's Responsibilities

By CLOVR Cannabis

June 10 2019

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A primary caregiver in Missouri is essentially maintaining the well-being of another person; providing product and proper dosage. It is important to know your and your patient’s rights and duties to ensure the safety of everyone. We are here to help clarify what a primary caregiver’s responsibilities are so you can get – and give – the best care. Check out our education page for more info.

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A primary caregiver’s responsibilities include:

  • NOT have more than three qualifying patients
  • NOT use combustible gases or materials to extract oils from marijuana
  • NOT serve a patient who already has two other primary caregivers
  • notify the DHSS within ten days if you choose to no longer be a primary caregiver ID holder or you are no longer able to be one.
  • notify the DHSS within 2 days if your patient’s medical marijuana is lost or stolen.
  • notify the DHSS within 10 days if your or your qualifying patient’s name or address changes.

Differences in Primary Caregiver Applications:

Much like the application to be a qualified patient you will go through a similar application process. A primary caregiver, however, needs to show additional information for both themselves and they qualified patient. Here is the the primary caregiver identification card process.

  • 1. Gather all of the required documentation
  • Make sure you have everything the DHSS requires and available to scan in to the application as they aren’t taking mailed applications at this time.
  • Here is an itemized checklist:
    • Copy of State-issued ID or drivers license – a legible photocopy
    • Your name, address, date of birth, and Social Security Number (SSN)
    • E-mail Address – this will be used for communication between you and the DHSS
    • Proof of residency. Examples include: 
      • Copy of Missouri driver’s license
      • Utility Bill
      • Missouri Identification card
    • The name & Patient License Number of the qualifying patient you will serve as caregiver to
    • If the qualifying patient is a minor the parent or legal guardian will need:
      • Qualifying Patient’s name and SSN
      • Copy of Qualifying Patient’s birth certificate, adoption record, or documentation showing you as the parent or legal guardian.
      • Parent/Legal Guardian Consent Form and will act as the Primary Care Giver for the patient.
    • A clear, color photo of your face taken within the last 3 months

Payment method for applicable fees

License Type License Fees   Renewal
Primary Caregiver for a Qualified Patient       $25       $25

* Fees are subject to change and non-refundable

And then you wait…

Now that you’ve applied and paid your fees the DHSS has 30 days to approve or deny an application. Your identification cards are valid for one year and you must renew your card before it expires by at least 30-59 days prior with an updated physician certification and updated application. So mark your calendar. You don’t want to have a time gap while you wait for your new card. Very important for primary caregiver responsibilities. 

Primary Caregiver’s Responsibilities for Cultivators

If you are also seeking to cultivate on behalf of your qualified patient you will need to gather additional information for your application. Keep in mind you must cultivate in an enclosed, locked, and secure facility. 

  • The address where you plan to cultivate the medical marijuana
  • Security arrangements and process descriptions. These must include how your facility will only be available to qualified patients and primary caregivers.
  • Your facility may be shared with one other caregiver or qualified patient. If so, you will need to include the primary caregiver or qualifying patient identification numbers.
  • Patient Authorization Form completed by the qualifying patient you will be serving, unless the patient is a minor.
  • A statement agreeing to give access to your cultivation facility upon the DHSS’ request.
  • And, of course, the fees.

    License Type License Fees    Renewal
    Additional Fee for Patient Cultivation    $100 $100

    Fees are subject to change and non-refundable