Chocolate Bars

Highest-quality chocolate in 100 mg bars.

Gourmet Chocolate Bars

We use high-quality gourmet chocolate and real, fresh ingredients to create our small-batch chocolate bars and caramel bonbons. Using cannabis distillate to infuse each hand-made chocolate ensures that the decadent taste of the chocolate is what shines through in every bite

Clovr chocolate bars are created with meticulously sourced, high-quality ingredients. Luxurious TCHO and Valrhona chocolate is infused with THC distillate and combined by hand with non-chocolate ingredients like nuts and spices.

Each delicious bar is portioned into ten equal pieces for easy and consistent dosing.


Crème Brûlée

White Chocolate Bar

Inspired by the classic custard dessert, our crème brulée chocolate bar envelopes crunchy bits of caramelized sugar with a delicately sweet white chocolate with notes of fresh milk and natural vanilla bean.  




72% Venezuelan

Dark Chocolate Bar

CLOVR's signature dark chocolate bar is crafted from rare, single origin cocoa beans from Venezuela. The terroir along the Andean foothills and the coastline of the Caribbean Sea is perfect for growing this cacao. 

Like a nice, tannic red wine, this rich chocolate is full-bodied with a long-lasting finish. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and flavinoids that are good for the mind, heart, and for your mood. 

Nutritional Info (per bar): 10 servings/bar
THC Content: 100 mg/bar; 10 mg/piece
Dark Chocolate Bars Nutrition Info


Milk Chocolate Almond + Sea Salt

milk Chocolate Bar

A specially crafted rich milk chocolate with just the right amount of cacao is the perfect base for our Salted Almond Chocolate Bar.

Fine, French Grey sea salt and toasted almonds pieces are folded into our milk chocolate base for a bar with a balanced sweetness, a round mouthfeel, and a pleasing texture.




Lemon Crisp

White Chocolate Bar

In our first ratio chocolate bar, we combined  100 mg of THC and 100 mg of CBD into one bar for a balanced and soothing effect. Lemon-infused white chocolate is both sweet and tangy. Crispy flakes add a pleasant crunch. It's a delight to the taste buds and nicely balanced for daytime or night. 





Decadent, cannabis-infused chocolate creations.

Infused Caramel Bonbons

Rich buttery caramel is infused with THC and surrounded by a decadent dark or white chocolate shell. Each gourmet artisan bonbon is handcrafted by chocolatiers inside our chocolate kitchen at our Kansas City manufacturing facility. 

We use THC distillate from our extraction lab to infuse caramel made in our copper kettle. 10 milligrams of THC is in each delectable bite. Serving Size: 1 bonbon (10 mg). Available in a 2-pack or a 6-pack.

Vanilla Salted Caramel

Madagascar vanilla salted caramel inside a dark chocolate shell.

10 mg THC  per bonbon.

Citrus Caramel

Caramel blended with fresh citrus juices and coated in light white chocolate.

10 mg THC  per bonbon.

Italian Espresso Caramel

Caramel is infused in Italian espresso and covered in rich dark chocolate.

10 mg THC  per bonbon.