Clovr Chocolate

Decadent, cannabis-infused chocolate creations made in Kansas City.




We aimed to create a top-tier medicated edible chocolate line using high-quality ingredients that would delight tastebuds across the state. Using cannabis distillate to infuse each hand-made chocolate ensures that the decadent taste of the chocolate is what shines through in every bite. We looked no further than our own backyard for the experienced hand to bring our vision to life.

Introducing: Clovr Chocolate in collaboration with Christopher Elbow.

Local chef and chocolatier Christopher Elbow has been producing hand-crafted bonbons and chocolate confections in Kansas City since 2003. With recipes developed by Christopher Elbow and brought to life by his team of talented chocolate makers, we have created a line of decadent, cannabis-infused chocolate creations for the Missouri medical marijuana market.

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"...supporting the farmers that are growing fine flavor cacao around the becoming a very important part of my mission in the chocolate world."
Christopher Elbow
Christopher Elbow Chocolates
When conversations began with Clovr about a possible collaboration, I was immediately impressed with their commitment to bring not only the highest quality but also the safest products to this fast-growing market.
Christopher Elbow
Christopher Elbow Chocolates

Chocolate Bars

Clovr chocolate bars are created with meticulously sourced, high-quality ingredients. Luxurious TCHO and Valrhona chocolate is infused with THC distillate and combined by hand with non-chocolate ingredients like nuts and spices.

Each delicious bar is portioned into ten equal pieces for easy and consistent dosing. 

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Creamy, soft caramel made by hand in our chocolate kitchen is infused with ten milligrams of THC distillate and enrobed in a delicate dark chocolate shell. Each mouth-watering morsel is a one-bite delicacy designed to make you swoon with pleasure. Almost too pretty to eat.

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Vanilla Caramel Bonbons: "I’m a huge fan of this flavor in particular. It’s a crowd-pleasing flavor combination. The bonbons are crafted beautifully and feel like a decadent treat. I love the blue decoration on the shell. These are good for the experienced user looking for a high-quality treat, and also for novice users looking for a smaller dose."
C. Shackelton