Educational Videos

Full Spectrum vs. Distillate

Former CLOVR Director of Operations, Dr. Diana Coats, discusses some of the differences between CO2 extraction for distillate and butane hydrocarbon extraction for BHO (butane-extracted hash oil).

How to Roll a Joint

Learn how to roll a 0.5 g joint from CLOVR's very own Lab Tech.

Making Cannabis-Infused Bonbons

Watch CLOVR make cannabis-infused Christopher Elbow bonbons at the facility in Kansas City.

How to Make Infused Cookies & Hot Chocolate with Christopher Elbow

Making sure you have the correct dose of THC in your infused edibles is important. Chocolatier, Christopher Elbow will teach you how to ensure you get the correct dose in your cookie recipes and hot chocolate.

Let's talk Terpenes

How CLOVR keeps the effects of terpenes in our edible products.

Cannabis Topicals

Topicals combine cannabinoids - usually THC and CBD - with products that can be applied directly to the skin. Many cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and pain-relieving properties that can be beneficial when applied directly to the body.


Meet the CLOVR Crew

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Brand Ambassador - St. Louis area

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Assistant Gummie Lead

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Former Packaging Lead

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Mountain High Sucker and Chocolate Lead

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Compliance Manager

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Graphic Designer

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Account Executive - Kansas City

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Beverage Lead

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