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CannabizTeam: Happy 420: 18 Best Cannabis Products to Celebrate the Holiday

By Bethanie White

April 5 2023

420 edibles

Despite no federal legalization of cannabis yet, the industry and community have progressed in many aspects. The essential cannabis industry is expanding, as dispensaries continue to be planted and grown. Currently, there are over 420,000 full-time cannabis jobs and rising and 68% of Americans support cannabis legalization. What better day to celebrate the wins than on the biggest cannabis holiday? The 420 holiday is right around the corner, and we’ve rounded up some of the best cannabis products to help you celebrate. Our cannabis staffing agency has a deep network and works with a variety of cannabis businesses. Leaning on our resources and interests, we curated a list of cannabis products and deals to share with you. We wish you a safe and happy 420 holiday!

What is the Meaning of 420?

What does 420 even mean? There are many myths about 420 and how it came to be a cannabis holiday. Often 420 is linked to a Bob Dylan song, a police code, or is said to be the number of active chemicals in marijuana. Before we jump into the cannabis goodies, let’s take a moment to observe the history of 420. It all started in the 1970s with a group of high school student-athletes in Marin County, CA. Nicknamed “the Waldos,” the group learned about a Coast Guard member who planted cannabis yet couldn’t tend to the crop any longer.

Given a treasure map, the Waldos were set on finding the abandoned marijuana plant. At least once a week, the group met at Louis Pasteur Statue at 4:20 pm. They would hop into a car, smoke cannabis, and scour the Point Reyes Forest, looking for the cannabis plant. The meaning of 420 has evolved since then. It’s now the main holiday of the cannabis community–a day to celebrate the marijuana plant, the good vibes it brings, and the diverse people who use it. These days, cannabis is everywhere–here are several cannabis treats that are worthy of a happy 420 celebration.

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