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What is a Cannabis Manufacturer?

Apr 30, 2020 12:10:00 PM

Clovr is a cannabis processor, or manufacturer, but what exactly does that mean?  How does one integrate into the medical marijuana process? The CDPH defines a cannabis processor as a company  "who makes or packages a prepared cannabis product. Cannabis products include edibles, topicals, tinctures, extracts, vape cartridges, capsules and more. "

If it isn't sold as dried flower in a dispensary the product, most likely, went through a cannabis manufacturer.


There are three aspects to providing cannabis to the masses: cultivation, manufacturing, and dispensaries. In some states, like Missouri, one company is allowed to have licenses in all three. This is called vertical integration.

Let's keep it simple:

  • Clovr purchases dried cannabis flower from a Missouri cultivator. 
  • The flower is placed in a machine to extract the oils. Extraction is the process of separating cannabinoids (oils) from cannabis plant material
    using solvents or mechanical methods.
  • The oils are made into concentrates like wax and shatter or infused (added) into different recipes to create cannabis products including edibles, topicals, capsules, and oth
    er items. The infusion method may differ by company, when it comes to edibles specifically. Among other methods, some spray the oils on top of the products while some mix the oils directly into the recipe just like you would mix a vegetable oil into a cake recipe. Mixing the oils directly into the recipe allow the product to have uniform dosing. For example, if you cut a gummy in half there will be the same amount of THC in one half that is in the other.  Consistent and accurate dosing is a top priority for our products.
  • The products are  packaged and labeled subject to regulatory guidelines and then sold to a dispensary for retail sale.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us or refer to our Cannabis 101 blog posts to learn more. 

Mavis Cowley
Written by Mavis Cowley

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