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Marijuana and Meditation

By MK Thom on Jun 18, 2021 11:45:54 AM

Meditation is awesome. If you haven't tried it - you really should!  Fortunately, more and more people are learning about the benefits of regular practice, taking time to get quiet and relax the mind. The practice has tripled among adults in recent years. And there’s data to show its effectiveness in supporting both mental and physical health. If you love cannabis, chances are good that you’ll also love meditation. Marijuana and meditation are a natural combination, with the benefits of each enhancing the other.

It is all too easy to lose yourself in the world’s fast pace. Legitimate preoccupations that derive from making a living and caring for families can put our minds out on a limb. You can feel like you’re balancing in a precarious state where it’s hard to think, concentrate, or truly perceive yourself and what will bring you happiness. Negative thinking and overthinking can be pits that we fall into all too easily. Having a phone with you every minute, constantly reminding you of what needs to get done or of stressful current events can really derail us in our quest for inner peace.

Meditation is a way to slow down, quiet the mind and allow yourself to find an inner fount of silence. It’s a way to reintroduce yourself to your essential self. This reconnection can be a wellspring of joy and energy, inspiring better relationships and more creativity. The physical and mental benefits of mindfulness have been sung from our culture’s rooftops – and it sounds like the balm that can soothe the nation’s wounds. But it is only by setting aside cultural demands and the imperatives of modern life that we can realize the full benefits of meditation.

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