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Happy 710 - What is it and How do you celebrate?

By Rio Kaplan on Jul 10, 2020 9:00:00 AM


It’s July 10th, and seasoned stoners all over the globe are preparing to celebrate the recent holiday of 710. Many cannabis consumers don’t know the importance of 7/10 or even that it is a day of celebration at all.  Before 7/10 was embraced by the cannabis community, there was the joke of a woman who walked into the mechanic’s shop asking for a 710 cap. The mechanics were clearly confused and asked what she was talking about. They asked where it was. To which the woman replied, “It’s right on top of the engine. It’s been on every car I’ve had.” They asked how big it was, and she made a circle with her hands about three inches in diameter. After a few minutes of failing to explain the mysterious 710 cap, the woman finally drew it on a piece of paper. She drew a circle with the numbers 710 in the middle. The mechanic on the other side of the counter erupted in laughter because the woman had been referring to the “OIL” cap the entire time. July 10th or 7/10 is a play on OIL upside down and is a cannabis-related holiday devoted to celebrating cannabis oils or concentrates

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