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Covid 19 and the MJ Industry - Here & Nationally

By MK Thom on Jun 22, 2021 11:54:00 AM

Across the country and the world, everyone felt the pressure from Covid 19. The massive effort to save lives by slowing the spread of the virus changed how we lived, worked and socialized - the "new normal".  Like most companies, 2020 brought about a strange, uncertain world. But nevertheless, there was a massive increase in cannabis sales.  Several states designated cannabis dispensaries as “essential” businesses. The industry was praised for efforts to fight the spread of Covid 19, earning support from Congress. And the virus brought about changes in how marijuana-based companies did business.

With so much uncertainty for businesses in the year 2020, what a relief it was to see the cannabis industry growing!

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Marijuana and Meditation

By MK Thom on Jun 18, 2021 11:45:54 AM

Meditation is awesome. If you haven't tried it - you really should!  Fortunately, more and more people are learning about the benefits of regular practice, taking time to get quiet and relax the mind. The practice has tripled among adults in recent years. And there’s data to show its effectiveness in supporting both mental and physical health. If you love cannabis, chances are good that you’ll also love meditation. Marijuana and meditation are a natural combination, with the benefits of each enhancing the other.

It is all too easy to lose yourself in the world’s fast pace. Legitimate preoccupations that derive from making a living and caring for families can put our minds out on a limb. You can feel like you’re balancing in a precarious state where it’s hard to think, concentrate, or truly perceive yourself and what will bring you happiness. Negative thinking and overthinking can be pits that we fall into all too easily. Having a phone with you every minute, constantly reminding you of what needs to get done or of stressful current events can really derail us in our quest for inner peace.

Meditation is a way to slow down, quiet the mind and allow yourself to find an inner fount of silence. It’s a way to reintroduce yourself to your essential self. This reconnection can be a wellspring of joy and energy, inspiring better relationships and more creativity. The physical and mental benefits of mindfulness have been sung from our culture’s rooftops – and it sounds like the balm that can soothe the nation’s wounds. But it is only by setting aside cultural demands and the imperatives of modern life that we can realize the full benefits of meditation.

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Turning Things Around – How to Approach Unexpected Paranoia

By MK Thom on May 21, 2021 3:00:00 PM

Sometimes it happens to the best of us. What you had anticipated to the be the finest of times – partaking of some marijuana – could leave you with a dark, dreadful feeling of paranoia.

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Movements in Missouri Marijuana

By MK Thom on May 20, 2021 5:58:00 PM

Medical marijuana was approved by the state’s voters back in 2018. Last year, there was an effort to again change Missouri’s state constitution to allow for the use of recreational marijuana, which would have mirrored the push for medical marijuana. Volunteers had begun gathering the signatures needed to bring the measure to the ballot - but then Covid 19 shut down the efforts.

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Former Restaurant Employees Now Call CLOVR Home

By CLOVR Marketing Team on May 19, 2021 12:57:05 PM

It's been a year since the worldwide pandemic changed all of our lives. One of the industries that felt the hit the hardest is the restaurant industry. Now that restaurants are reopening and people feel comfortable dining in public again, restaurant owners and managers are finding it difficult to fill open positions. 

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Interview With a Long-Time User (Part 2)

By MK Thom on May 18, 2021 3:30:00 PM

Continued from our previous post 'Interview With a Long-Time User Part 1', here is the conclusion to the interview from a potential MMJ user to a three-decade-plus user ...

  • The next question is -- Do a lot of people get obsessed about something like running or learning to play the piano?

Everybody is different. I would say it's far more likely that people would get obsessive about running or playing piano or something like that once they start doing marijuana. You will find that it is conducive to doing a variety of different things. Everybody's body reacts a little bit differently.

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Interview With a Long-Time User (Part 1)

By MK Thom on May 4, 2021 3:00:00 PM

With medical marijuana being somewhat new in Missouri, there’s no doubt a lot of questions from new or inexperienced users. I recently talked with a friend of mine who has never used marijuana and is considering talking to a medical marijuana doctor to address some issues they are experiencing.

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Pot and Paranoia – Just Don’t Worry

By MK Thom on Apr 28, 2021 3:00:00 PM

There is a lot of expectation with the use of marijuana. Some people are after that “Wizard of Oz” feeling when the screen changes from black and white to color. Some just want to wind down and relax at the end of a hard day. Others wish to locate new sources of creativity within themselves.

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Cannabis  Storage Tips for the New User

By MK Thom on Apr 2, 2021 11:30:00 AM

Now that you’re a bona-fide medical marijuana patient and you have your new card and have procured your first batches of medicine, an important part to know is how to store your cannabis.  There are several factors that can hamper the quality - and therefore the effectiveness - of your medicine.  Cannabis that dries out can lose some of  its potency.  Cannabis that is too moist can get moldy and also lose potency (not to mention acquire a stinky smell!).  And let’s face it -cannabis has a strong odor, so knowing how to store it so it doesn’t smell up your whole house is also something new to know.  

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Terpenes in Edibles & the Entourage Effect

By MK Thom on Mar 29, 2021 11:38:27 AM

Terpenes are the new buzz word in the marijuana industry, almost like what CBD was eight-or-so years ago. As more and more states - and soon, hopefully, the federal government - give the thumbs-up to medical marijuana, there are a growing number of studies into the minute components of marijuana. What researchers and enthusiasts are finding is that terpenes are an important part of the plant, giving cannabis its unique smell but also aiding in some of the better-known physiological effects of marijuana. 


With all the buzz around terpenes, most folks know that they are what give marijuana their aroma and taste. One ‘terpene profile’ (or unique combination of the hundred-plus terpenes out there) can give a marijuana strain its earthy, woody aroma, while another terpene profile might give a fruity, sweet flavor. But as As marijuana growers and product manufacturers are tweaking the finished product, discussions are popping up about the more subtle effects terpenes can have on medical marijuana, specifically edibles. 


Terpenes: more than just a tasty additive 

We know more about terpenes in general now thanks to the research that is going into the marijuana.  But what we are learning more and more about terpenes in regards to marijuana is how the entourage effect impact feelings that marijuana creates. First it was just THC that was all the rage, then people started to see that THC combined with CBD will give a whole new range of effects. Now we are learning that terpenes play an equally important role in the benefits of cannabis. 

Especially in edibles, we are learning that the varying amounts of terpenes - and more specifically, the terpene profile - can enhance cannabis' effect. A balanced amount of myrcene and limonene, for example, can help with the uplifting feeling from certain strains (like Fire OG), while a combination of myrcene and linalool can help keep the anxious feelings of some stronger strains (like some Kush strains) at bay. 


But I heard through the grapevine … 

But what about the actual process of making the edibles? What about the processing and, especially, the heating up of all the ingredients? Won’t the high heat essentially burn off the terpenes? 


Yes and no. 

Since components in marijuana - and all plants - have a boiling point where chemical breakdown occurs, care obviously must be taken in making edibles. The widely accepted boiling point of THC is around 300-315 degrees Fahrenheit; this is around the same temperature range as most terpenes - though some have boiling points much higher than that. As long as product manufacturers do not exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit (we went on the lower end of the range, just to be safe), then the terpenes will not break down or burn off. Adding terpenes (and other ingredients) at the end of the heating process can further safeguard them from boiling away. 

So to answer the question: does the heating process during the marijuana product manufacturing kill off any effects terpenes might have? Yes, but only if you really turn up the heat. Keep the heat under 300 or, to be doubly safe: keep it under 250 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Great, you can keep terpenes' contribution to the entourage effect going by just keeping the heat down when making edibles. But since terpenes are liquids, won’t the simple process of evaporation take away some of their wonder? Again, yes and no - and it depends on the manufacturer. 
If terpenes are infused into a distillate and then added to the edible mixture, there is no (or very little) exposure to air, which is what triggers the evaporation process. As long as the terpenes are not out in the open air, uncovered edible makers should be OK. 


Read our blog post, ‘What are Terpenes’ to learn more. 

Everything’s a process 

Keep in mind that everything is a process and all processes will take a certain toll on any ingredient - for marijuana edibles and really, with any food. Ingestion, digestion and assimilation are processes that can have an effect on the potency of any edible. If you vape, the process of heating the herb until it’s vaporized will have an effect on potency. Combusting and inhaling the smoke into the lungs to get into the bloodstream will also have an effect. Sublingual tinctures will deliver the components almost directly to the bloodstream.  
What marijuana product manufacturers are trying to do is minimize the number of processes the plant goes through before the final edible product gets to the human body and its process to get the components to our bloodstreams. 


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