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What Does Schedule 1 Mean?

By Joy San Diego on Jun 28, 2022 10:00:00 AM

Now that Missouri is one of the dozens of states that have legalized medical marijuana, Missourians are becoming more and more familiar with the basics. We’ve also covered several topics like different MJ products, different intake methods, how to roll a joint, bongs and more. As folks are becoming more comfortable with marijuana, one phrase that you might hear from time to time is Schedule 1.

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4 min read

Vaping vs Smoking Your Cannabis

By Joy San Diego on May 31, 2022 8:58:59 AM

Needless to say, vaping has altered the way people experience cannabis. Not only is the experience different (I find it much better), but there are also many pluses to vaping marijuana over smoking - or combusting - it. More and more people are opting for vaping these days and vaping apparatuses are becoming more and more advanced because of it.

It's important to only vape weed and oils that you get from a licensed Missouri dispensary. Most oils are already pre-packaged in cartridges and are ready to be used. Vaping weed obtained elsewhere or with oils not properly prepared for vaping can cause damage to your vaping apparatus (these can be very expensive, by the way) and inhalation can also be dangerous for the user.

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