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Happy 710 - What is it and How do you celebrate?

Jul 10, 2020 9:00:00 AM



It’s July 10th, and seasoned stoners all over the globe are preparing to celebrate the recent holiday of 710. Many cannabis consumers don’t know the importance of 7/10 or even that it is a day of celebration at all.  Before 7/10 was embraced by the cannabis community, there was the joke of a woman who walked into the mechanic’s shop asking for a 710 cap. The mechanics were clearly confused and asked what she was talking about. They asked where it was. To which the woman replied, “It’s right on top of the engine. It’s been on every car I’ve had.” They asked how big it was, and she made a circle with her hands about three inches in diameter. After a few minutes of failing to explain the mysterious 710 cap, the woman finally drew it on a piece of paper. She drew a circle with the numbers 710 in the middle. The mechanic on the other side of the counter erupted in laughter because the woman had been referring to the “OIL” cap the entire time. July 10th or 7/10 is a play on OIL upside down and is a cannabis-related holiday devoted to celebrating cannabis oils or concentrates

The History of 7/10

Unlike the famous stoner holiday 420 (April 20th), 7/10 is a more recent development. People began publicly celebrating 7/10 around 2012 when the regulated cannabis industry was coming to life. Hash has been a pillar of the cannabis world for centuries but concentrates as we know them today weren’t always as glamorous. Prior to the regulated cannabis industry, cannabis concentrates were extremely dangerous in many different ways. When it was discovered that hydrocarbons such as butane and propane could be used to extract the cannabinoids from the plant matter, people began using them to make concentrates using a method called open blasting. Open blasting is done by filling a cylinder full of cannabis flower and pumping hydrocarbon through. This causes the oils to separate. Open blasting is extremely dangerous for a few reasons. The more obvious reason is the amount of butane that is left floating in the air. There were numerous cases of home extraction labs exploding. The other is the residual amount of hydrocarbon in the extract itself. Without testing, there was no way to know if the end product was safe to consume. Hydrocarbon is still the most popular method for extraction, but it is conducted in what is called a “closed-looped system” that is in explosion-proof rooms. The residual hydrocarbon is tested to the PPM and purged until only trace amounts are left. The evolution of marijuana extracts into modern and safe cannabis oil is definitely something to celebrate. 

How to Celebrate on 7/10

In the way that 4/20 is a day devoted to smoking marijuana, 7/10 is all about consuming concentrates. While many call 7/10 “Dab Day”, it isn’t necessary to take full-blown dabs to celebrate on this joyous day. There are actually many ways to smoke concentrates

  • Dabbing with a dab rig

Dabbing is the most popular way to celebrate 7/10. A proper dab requires the most equipment. A rig with a banger or nail is heated with a blowtorch and the concentrate is dropped into the heated rig. The oil is instantly vaporized and inhaled. There are also electric nails that are attached to a rig and heated to a set temperature. This is a popular option because it eliminates the torch.


  • Dabbing with a concentrate pen

Many people are put off by traditional dabbing because of the element of the torch, but would still like to enjoy cannabis concentrates. Luckily there are pens that make dabbing easy and convenient. Most pens have a small chamber with heated coils or a dish that vaporizes the extract inside. These are great because the person using them can use almost any cannabis extract including wax, shatter, and live resin.

  • Cartridges

Cartridge pens are similar to dab pens in how they work but are even easier to use. These devices use a battery that a cartridge attaches to. There are no dab tools used to scoop the oil into the pen and the cartridge can be replaced or changed out. Sometimes cartridge companies can make flavors that don’t naturally exist in cannabis such as raspberry or chocolate ice cream. If you are concerned about additives in cartridges, your budtender can point you in the right direction. 

  • Smoking

While 7/10 is widely considered a day to dab, there is no rule that says it’s a requirement. Cannabis oil can be smoked too. It can be added to a joint or bowl but could be a little bit messy. 

No matter how you choose to celebrate 7/10, it’s the spirit of the day that counts. Cannabis holidays are all about how the cannabis industry is evolving and becoming more accessible to people who need it, and that is always something to be celebrated. As always, consume responsibly.


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